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By Laura Macleod | Aug 10, 2014

Located at The Belmont Community Center building at the intersection of Back Belmont and Lincolnville Roads. Tel. 342-5722, Fax 342-2252.

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Tuesdays offers extra evening hours from 6pm to 9pm. Special appointments can be made to meet with select persons during these extra hours.
Kari Drake is Belmont’s animal control officer. If you have a problem with a stray dog or cat or any other type of animal,
Kari is the one to call and she can be reached at 322-5967.

Bob Temple is Belmont’s Code Enforcement Officer and Plumbing Inspector. Bob makes himself available to anyone who needs permits and other information on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at Belmont's Town Offices, or he can be reached at Tel. 993-2512 (home) or 632-4741 (cell).

For those wanting to burn anything in Belmont, they  first must obtain a permit from our Fire Chief Ron Harford ll. Ron can be reached at Tel. 322-7362. Remember that Burn Barrels are not permitted for use in the Town of Belmont.

Hidden inside Belmont's Community Center next to the Town Offices is a great place to hold all kinds of events, be it a craft sale, wedding anniversary party, memorial service or any other type of event or fundraiser. The large rooms have many tables and chairs and are spacious, light and airy, with an attached fully equipped kitchen and nearby clean rest rooms. The rooms are available to both residents and non residents. For more information about this space and the very reasonable fees, please call Kristen or Anita at the Town Office at Tel. 342-5722.

Remember that Belmont is having an ongoing bottle drive thru October. All the moneys raised will help pay for this years annual Block Party and for the Towns new Veterans Memorial to be dedicated during the Block party. Please help support our Town by donating your returnable bottles and cans.  A special bin has been set up for returnables just outside the Town Offices. You will be so glad you donated those bottles and cans when you're watching the extensive fireworks display the evening of the Block Party event.

Lynn Minor is announcing her 17th annual lawn sale located at 92 Augusta Rd. (Rt. 3) which is across the road from Bobbi’s Barber Shop. This year her sale will be on Sat. and Sun. August 16th and 17th...rain or shine.

Lynn thinks it would be a great idea for those wanting to have lawn sales in Belmont, to think about holding them on this specific weekend each year. That way, people could go from lawn sale to lawn sale, one right after another through-out the whole Town all in one day. What a great idea!

Lynn is also offering space available at her place to those who want to have a sale, but may not be in a convenient location. There is no better location to hold a sale than on Route 3, so get in touch with Lynn by calling 342-5963, or EMAIL her at for more information.

Just off Route 3, at 273 Fenwick Road, Verlesta and a group of her friends and neighbors will be having a large lawn sale on Sat. and Sun. August 16th and 17th from 8am to 3pm.  It promises to be loads of fun, so if you’re planning to visit Lynn Minors sale out on Route 3, plan to stop by Verlesta’s on the same trip. Just go to the Super Scoop Ice Cream stand on Route 3, turn onto the Fenwick Road and follow the signs to #273. There will be plenty of parking up in the field. Have fun!.

This year Belmont’s Block Party will be held on Saturday, August 23rd, which is only a little over two weeks away. There will be the dedication of the Town’s new Veterans Memorial, games for both adults and children including a bounce house, great refreshments, live entertainment, and the new and extended fireworks display to be set off just after sunset.  Remember that volunteers are always needed, so if you want to participate in a really fun and old fashioned Maine Home Town event, come and help out with the food, games, and children's entertainment. If you would like to donate toward the costs of putting on this event, donations, both large and small will be graciously accepted.  

This year the Block Parties entertainment will be performed by “ME and MARTHA”, being Don Dupuy and Martha Hills. The duo, who perform mostly BLUEGRASS, is none other than the sister and brother-in-law of Belmont’s very special residents Clyde and Verlesta Wellman. Dupuy and Hills have been up visiting the Wellmans this summer all the way from Virginia, and are enthusiastically looking forward to performing at this years very fun and successful Block Party. If you want to experience a very special treat, mark your calendar for August 23rd so you don’t forget to come and see “Me and Martha”.

Belmont resident Bill Drinkwater has a couple of healthy cherry tomato plants he would like to trade for some cheap cans of beer. He will trade one can of beer for each plant. Bill will then put the beer out in the garden to attract the snails or slugs which can’t handle their liquor. Bill takes the lids from jars, pours the beer into them, puts the lids out in the garden. Then the beer attracts the snails and they drink the beer, but it kills the snails.  Anyone interested in bartering with Bill should call him at 323-5919

I recently put a notice in my column welcoming Tim and Tanya Robinson into their new home here in Belmont. Tanya had mentioned that Tim was not feeling well so we all wished him a quick recovery. Shortly after, I ran into Tanya who informed me, that sadly, Tim had passed away rather suddenly from a fast progressing cancer.

We are all sad to learn of Tim’s passing and that he will not have a chance to spend time enjoying their new home here. We hope Tanya finds comfort and strength in knowing that Tim is in a better place now where there is no suffering, and that during this difficult time, she should know that there are many fine people around her here in Belmont who are willing to provide any help and support that she might need. Our thoughts are with you Tanya.
Jenn Grass and her sister Terersa Littlefield, both from Belmont, just lost their father Steven Marriner of Montville, who passed away unexpectedly on July 18th, at only 63. I do not know many members of the family, but I do know Jennifer grass, and another one of Mr. Marriners daughters, Marcy Marriner, both of who are incredibly sweet and kind individuals. If Steven Marriner raised two daughters as well as he did Jenn and Marcy, then he had to be a very fine human being. He loved the outdoors and hunting and fishing, but most of all he loved being with his family. Our thoughts                  
are with the Marriner family and we will them to have great strength and courage at this most difficult time.

Hello all you humans out there, it’s me again, Tidbit Tiddledywinks, the little Poultry Professor of Wisdom and Kindness, just dropping by to make sure you are behaving yourselves. Usually I like to spread the word on how you can commit random acts of kindness towards one another, but since this column is ending with a rather somber tone, I have decided to keep this short with the following: Enjoy one another as much as you can, be it either a relative or a friend. Enjoy one another to the fullest because you never know when one of you may not be here anymore to enjoy and have fun with. Life can be uncertain and it can end far quicker than it started, so just enjoy. And don’t forget those famous last words from Ellen Degeneress: “Please be kind to one another”  

For now it’s over and out, Too Da Loo and Cock a Doodle Do.

Yours Truly,


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