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By Laura Macleod | Aug 17, 2014



Its Belmont’s Block Party Day on Saturday, August 23rd, the biggest day of the year for this little town, but it’s also BELMONT’S BICENTENNIAL celebrating the two hundredth year that this great little town has been in existence. A few individuals who help run the town have gone all out this year to create the biggest celebration all wrapped up in one little day. The day starts out with certain volunteers coming together at 8:30 am at the Town Office Community Center to set up for the Block Party.

At the same time, other volunteers making up the Belmont Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue, will be meeting at the Searsport Pines Golf Course out on the Mt. Ephram Road in Searsport. They will open BELMONT’S 3RD ANNUAL HOOK & LADDER CLASSIC GOLF TOURNAMENT, which is a fundraiser put on to raise funds to update equipment for these departments.  The Hook & Ladder Classic Golf Tournament is a fun event put on to raise funds to support our Fire Department and Rescue Service. Any donations, both large and small, ($1.00, $5.00, $10.00 and up) will be graciously accepted.  This year the donations will go towards purchasing a defibrillator for the Fire Department Rescue Service, and for a Positive Vent Gas Fan for the fire department. These devices will help each and every one of us living in and paying taxes in the Town of Belmont safer. For more information about the Golf Tournament, or to just submit your donations, call Maxine Harford at 322-5192, or email her at, or just send your donation made payable to: Belmont Volunteer Fire Dept., care of Maxine Harford, 38 Fenwick Rd, Belmont, Me. 04952.

For those of you coming to the Party from other parts of Belmont, you might want to continue just a short ways down the Lincolnville Road to take a look at Sonya and Judith’s beautiful gardens that are at their peak for the summer at this very time. The gardens are all visible from the roadside and are a special treat to brighten everyone’s life. Just go about a half mile past the sand pile and look for the little yellow cape on the left. You can’t miss this special display of plantings that could have only been created from love.

Meanwhile at 1:00PM and back at the BLOCK PARTY, at the Town Offices and Community Center, The party itself officially begins with the dedication of Belmont’s new Veterans Memorial, after which, the Party itself commences.  There will be fun games going on for both the kids and the adults. Just to name a few will be a toilet toss, horseshoes, balloon pop, bounce houses, and balloon animals created by “Kyle”. Everyone will be able to make their own “Hula Hoop” if they want and then Hula Hoop away to your hearts content with Hoopmaniac Judith Tingly. If all that isn’t enough for all you die hard partiers, The little old one room Town School House, (you know, that mysterious little white building that quietly sits next to our huge sand pile) will be open for exploration for all to see and you can meet Belmont’s official historian, Pat Higgins.

From 3:00PM to 5:00PM there will also be a craft fair featuring local artists and crafters.

The refreshments will be many: being of course the all American Hot Dog, Nachos, Chili, and Pasta Salad. Oh, and don't forget about that famous and amazingly mouth-watering gourmet specialty “barbecued pulled pork” cooked to perfection and provided by Donna and Steve Hopkins. For all of you who were lucky enough to have tasted it last year, and the year before that, I’m sure you're hoping they’ll bring enough for everyone to have at least a taste of it. There will be Iced Tea, Lemonade, water and other specialty drinks to quench everyone’s thirst throughout the whole day.

Entertainment for this year is extensive and is going to be performed by “THE COMICAL LEE SOUTHARD”, “ ROUST-ABOUT”, and if that isn't enough, and last, but not least, Clyde and Verlesta Wellman’s own brother and sister-in-law, visiting all the way up from Virginia, “ME AND MARTHA” being DON DUPUY and MARTHA HILLS will be playing some of the greatest Bluegrass music you will ever open your ears to.

Finally this years party will wind down with a spectacular fireworks display commencing at sunset (around 8:30PM) and continuing on until dark. And yes the fireworks will be set off across the road at the Town’s beloved sand pile next to the little old white school house. By then, hopefully, everyone will be happily exhausted and wanting to go sauntering off towards home to hop into bed for a well deserved good nights sleep.


Now it’s time for me to turn over the remainder of this column to my little sidekick and best buddy, who is also full time overseer of the “Dickey Mill Chicken Asylum”, The none other than the famous Mr. Tid-bit Tiddledywinks, The Little Poultry Professor of Wisdom and Kindness. Take it away Tid-bit, the podium is all yours!Hello all you humans and fellow Belmonters out there! Its me again, Tid-Bit just dropping by to make sure all you mortal humans are behaving yourselves as you should be doing. For this week that means you should all be making plans to drop by your Towns very special 200th anniversary birthday party and going on this coming weekend on Saturday, August 23rd. The management here at the Asylum, tells me that this Saturday will be the results of a few individuals of the townspeople, who have devoted themselves to many months of planning (not to mention a lot of donated money) to give all of you the very best gift they can so that this little town can have one very special day of the year where everyone living in this great little town can come and have a super good time together. I do realize that I am just a little chicken, but if someone in the Poultry World was to offer such a special event we would all most certainly take advantage of it and come out to join everyone in your community and celebrate the occasion. But alas, we are just lowly poultry, and don't have such special occasions.  So get out there all you Belmonters and show those townspeople who put this shindig on for you how much you appreciate their efforts and enjoy your Towns’ two hundredth Birthday party. Just remember to “please be kind to one another”. For now, its Over and out, Too Da Loo, and Cock a Doodle doo.

Yours Truly, “Tiddles”


Belmont’s Town Offices are located at the intersection of Back Belmont and Lincolnville Roads. Tel. 342-5722, Fax 342-2252. Office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Tuesdays from 6pm to 9pm. Town Clerk is Anita Wellman. Tax collector is Kristen Waterman. Animal Control is Kari Drake. Code Enforcement/Plumbing inspector is Bob Temple. Fire Chief is Ron Harford ll. First Selectperson is Barbara Bubar., the second Selectperson is Sharon Reed-Hall, and the third Selectperson is Lyn Suit.


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