Biden vs. Trump

By David Estey | Oct 02, 2020

America knows Joe Biden is thoroughly decent and compassionate, steeled by personal tragedy, with 47 years of exemplary public service without becoming rich in the process. America also knows Donald Trump is amoral, self-absorbed and a dictator wannabe, raised in privilege, with a corrupt presidency riddled with convicted felons, a bungled management of the pandemic that has killed 200,000, and a resulting economy driven into depression. Let’s examine the facts.

Donald Trump has not kept his promises to build a great wall and get Mexico to pay for it, boost the economy with his massive tax cuts for the rich, bring manufacturing back from overseas, replace Obamacare, protect Social Security and Medicare, release his tax returns, or drain the swamp. Instead he assembled the most corrupt, inept administration in our history.

Domestically Trump has hollowed out government expertise, institutions and safeguards; replaced highly respected officials with incompetent sycophants; undermined the rule of law; undercut and bent to his will the CDC, CIA, FDA, FBI and departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and State. He eliminated protective environmental, health and safety regulations; ignored an out-of-control pandemic; brought our economy to its knees; and devastated our agricultural and other industries in the trade war with China. He followed Vladimir Putin’s game plan to undermine our democracy through confusion, divisiveness and fear; fanned the flames of hatred and racism for political purposes; attacked opponents while protecting loyal lawbreakers; and enriched his own wealth at every turn. He has no party platform except whatever he alone decides to do.

Internationally, Trump reduced our standing as global leader to one pitied around the world, weakened NATO alliances and demeaned longstanding allies. He withdrew from the Iran Peace Agreement that stopped their nuclear weapons development, the Trans-Pacific Partnership that counters Chinese global influence, and the World Health Organization that fights pandemics. He cozied up to dictators, condoned and solicited foreign interference in our elections, refused to criticize Putin for any aggressive actions, and greatly reduced crucial troop levels that kept him in check. Trump is a reckless, if not compromised, commander-in-chief.

Joe Biden has a proven record as a senator, diplomat and statesman. He forged global alliances and befriended world leaders. He is recognized for working across the aisle to get things done, “as good a man as God ever created,” said Lindsey Graham. It was Biden who shepherded legislation against crime, the Violence Against Women Act and the Affordable Care Act through Congress, and prevented costly government shutdowns. Where he misjudged in the past, he acknowledged his mistakes, something Trump cannot do.

Biden is a moderate who has outlined big-picture, detailed plans for pandemic control, economic recovery, an equitable tax system, a rebuilt infrastructure and education reforms. He will restore global leadership on climate change, fair trade, immigration, systemic racism, criminal justice, the rule of law and faith in one another.

If we are still a fair-minded, rational people, our decision Nov. 3 should be easy and overwhelming, regardless of deplorable election interference. America, please vote smart and save our democratic republic. This may be our last chance.

David Estey is a fine arts painter who lives in Belfast. He is a former regional public affairs manager for the Internal Revenue Service.

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Comments (1)
Posted by: Patricia Keyes | Oct 03, 2020 14:06

Joe Biden is a plagiarist, a fondler of women and children, and has had 47 yrs in office to help people of color but the policies he has supported have in every way been a disaster. Democrats have ruined the black nuclear family, largely by the fake "war on poverty" that has married black women to the welfare state instead of husbands, the number one indicator that their children, especially male children lacking a role model in the home, will end up in prison as adults, a problem that is not limited to the black community. He was friends with a Grand Cyclops of the KKK, and eulogized said cyclops at his funeral only a decade ago! Even his vice presidential pick, with justification, called him a racist during the Dem primaries! You can watch him in context on film without edits saying any of a vast number of racist things in any setting you like, such as that he "doesn't want his children to live in a mixed race America". His solution to everything is globalism, and govt interference in our lives, because once you buy into that, you have to perpetually vote for him in hopes that he might deliver. You're never allowed to notice that the promises are EMPTY. Or that perhaps his global ties are NOT SO FRIENDLY TO AMERICANS who don't offer treasonous political favors. You can read the actual court documents on the impeachment, in which you will find that it is Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, who have ties to Russia and China.

Virtually nothing you've said about the economy under Trump is true, especially knowing that more blacks/people of color/women than EVER BEFORE IN OUR HISTORY had good paying jobs until CoV-19 shutdowns, largely forced on us by liberal governors across the nation, in an attempt to prop up their bankrupt profligate spending with federal "emergency" funds, made worse by falling tax revenues DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF THE SHUTDOWNS. No hungry man ever thought of his albeit measly job as non-essential.

The effects of quarantining HEALTHY people will destroy the entire world's economies. We are the beating heart of them all. The restrictions, and the ludicrous insinuation that some jobs are "non-essential" is more and more damaging here in our own state day by day because of Mills' willingness to cowtow to the whims of Sen.Schumer of NY, causing deaths in much higher numbers due to hopelessness, narcotic abuse/overdose, suicide, and domestic abuse. Just this week, United Midcoast Charities noted that, while last year New Hope for Women had calls for overnight emergency housing for (23) instances of domestic abuse, this year that demand has skyrocketed to (992), with 3 months still to go! These numbers greatly eclipse the loss of less than 200 people trapped in filthy underfunded nursing homes, a problem perpetuated by Democrats. Their majority control of our Maine House of Representatives, where Republican aid bills are rejected from consideration, and Sara Gideon's refusal to allow discussion on the floor only exacerbates the problem, stretching back to the days of Angus King. They have rejected spending on the poorest and most needy among us largely because those trapped in nursing homes cannot, or rather until this year in an attempt to steal the election by ballot harvesting, didn't used to be able to vote.

This year? You can bet (IMHO) Dem operatives will push even those in comas to request a ballot application, and then "help" them sign the ballots. Right here in Waldo County, we have what I can only call voter suppression perpetrated by the Secretary of State. Besides the dead that have not been removed from the voter rolls in our towns, many people registered in Searsport for decades as Republican are showing up as UNENROLLED on the voter lists used for check in at both the caucuses and primary elections this year! This isn't the Town Clerks fault. It's the Secretary of State's office, who is either incompetent to respond to complaints, or deliberately disenfranchising voters by refusing to update the rolls. These misrepresented voters had to leave polls, go to their town clerk for a copy of their original voter registration cards, and then return to get the appropriate ballots. This is not an issue in a general election. But it's another aggravation to the RCV process. Where is the Maine Judiciary on this?

The TPP would have made outright slaves of dock workers at all our ports! They would have had ZERO right to negotiate their pay or their hours! Sorry but we don't want the debasing labor standards of many asian nations here. You do know who the Uighurs are, right? You must be aware of the many prisons filled with Chinese Christians now made to provide forced free labor?

The border with Mexico is approximately 2000 miles long. About 650 miles of border were already blocked. Some areas can't be crossed because of natural land formations. Considering I'm old enough to remember that Congress once passed spending bills in the billions to build the wall about 30 YEARS AGO, WITH NO EFFECT, I'm very impressed that Trump's part of the wall is now 341 miles long, and they're laying a mile or two every day! He will be nearly right on time to finish the planned 500 miles by Christmas. Right now, by targeting the areas where the largest insurgency occurs, it would appear on the map, the map of glorious governmental transparency unheard of in all the 60 years of Democrat-controlled federal spending, (see map here: ) that our border is now 3/5ths completed, and the parts not yet finished are in desert areas where it's harder to cross. This closing of easy passage is helping to shut down the human-trafficking industry. It helps to stop "coyotes", brutal and greedy 'guides' who steal virtually all their "passenger's" money, raping 70%-90% of the women and children along the journey, often leaving their entire 'train' of passengers to die in the desert.

And since when should a politician cure a virus? Where is FEMA??? Why haven't there been isolation units separate from hospitals and nursing homes, so that OBVIOUSLY SICK AND SUSCEPTIBLE PEOPLE WOULDN'T BE EXPOSED AT ALL???? Each man and woman is a free person. There is no indication in our Constitution that masking and quarantining healthy people is legally defensible. Smart people will wear masks in health care facilities, but in daily living, herd immunity is achieved by GETTING THE VIRUS and LIVING PAST IT. The quarantine was only to give the medical community time to assess and prepare for the worst. There was no "worst". The average age of legitimate covid deaths is 79 yrs old with 2.5 other health issues already presenting. Like chicken pox, kids can get it, and get on with life with a hardier immune system. Life is risk, and we will all die in the end. Adults accept responsibility for their risks and choices. They don't need a nanny state to tell them what to do.

Trump isn't my savior, nor my role model. But he is peeling the dried manure of "laws", policies, and rules made without public input by unelected bureaucrats that are obscuring our beloved Constitution. As a poo-shoveler, he's doing pretty good in my estimation. Let's vote full Republican ticket so that from the roots we have office holders who will continue the work; people who actually understand and love our American way of life.


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