Black and white photos add to realism of the scene - at Arts in the Park, Belfast this weekend.

By Arts in the Park | Jul 09, 2014

Herman Meisner lives in Northport, Maine and has exhibited his black and white photos at Arts in the Park for many years.

His formal training was in biochemistry, as a University research professor..."but I believe that photography has similarities to my long-time profession, in that, much like the outcome of research, a successful photograph is achieved in only a small fraction of cases."

He studied photography at Maine Media Workshops; Cape Cod Workshops; also for many years at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts, with Peter Faulkner, whom he credits with teaching by example what good and not-so-good photographs look like. His works have been exhibited locally at single person and juried shows; and is currently represented by several galleries in Maine.

Meisner: "I try to view my surroundings acutely, and recreate the varied images that presented themselves, capturing the feeling that was inherent at that moment in a still photo. I take many of my images during poor weather; snow, fog, cold, wind, and rain create certain scenes not often found in picture-postcard conditions. I like to think that black and white photos capture the feeling, or mood, of these moments and add to the realism- or is it surrealism?-of the scene."


Ducktrap Photo will be at Arts in the Park July 12th & 13th on the Belfast Waterfront.

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