Body Count "4" in the unknown War in Niger, Africa.

By patrick quinn | Oct 21, 2017

President and Commander-in-Chief Trump said: "He knew what he was getting into.", when he spoke to the widow of Army Sergeant Le David Johnson who was killed while on patrol duty with three other soldiers in Niger, Africa.

Trump has taken "huge" criticism" for speaking the truth.  Any body who joins the United States Army Infantry unit "the Green Berets" knows for sure that their mission will be to kill people or be killed.  The infantry is made up of people who do not mind killing other people, do not mind becoming a serial killer, or sleep fine at night as a sniper, they may even enjoy it.  The harsh U. S. Military infantry training perseverates on conditioning the mind and consciousness of the young recruit to want and take joy in killing the "enemy", to act sociopathic; whether it be "Charlie Cong" or "Haji", or African enemy of the day.  Degradation and dehumanization are at the crux of the brainwashing.

I believe that anyone considering joining the military needs to be awake and beware of the consequences. They need to be adamantly confronted with the reality that they will be trained to become a killing machine, and perform acts of killing at the command of military corporate leaders who are narcissists and only value themselves and their profit, not the soldiers under their command.

The Command-ment: "Thou Shalt not Kill" has been deleted from the conscience.

Beware and be wise, stay with peace.

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