Book Review, Small Change, Big Gains by Thomas H. Stoner Jr.

By MILT GROSS | Mar 09, 2014
Photo by: Milt Gross This 375-page book was a bit difficult to read in places, but I think it has a real warning for us.

This non-fiction book is one of the most important I’ve ever read. Not for reading pleasure but for the necessity of saving our planet.* I highly recommend it!

Whether or not you believe in climate change and its negative affects on earth, you should read Small Change, Big Gains.

I understand that many people want to preserve their right to be wasteful, to drive big, heavy gas-guzzling cars, to see earth-damaging practices such as the use of fossil fuels continue, and other practices that are damaging to our planet -- and, so, to our offspring.

But many scientists understand the dilemma caused by climate change. Ice in the north is melting so fast that, according to a news article, the U.S. Navy is making plans for seagoing navigation there. Storms, a result of climate change, are worsening and becoming more frequent.

Thomas H. Stoner Jr., a veteran energy entrepreneur, joined a group to form the Social Venture Network, built the first independent national energy services company, was CEO of a large independent developer of carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol, took that company public on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market in 2006 and became a CEO of the “clean coal” industry.

After 25 years in alternative-energy industries, Stoner spoke out about the harmful effects of climate change by writing this book.

It is not a pleasant topic, and parts of the book were to me difficult to understand. But from this book, it is easy to understand the dangers to earth and its future inhabitants of continuing what Stoner calls “business as usual” with the continual use of fossil fuels.

A 475-page treatise on what will happen if we do nothing.

My wife and I today were contemplating that our next auto will be electric as will be many offered in the future. Our current Toyotas get 40 miles per gallon on the open road, and more and more people are driving smaller cars for that reason. No more gas guzzlers in our future.

We want our kids to have a life.


An example of what he wrote is, “Fishing in a boat in front of a nuclear power plant shattered our idyllic vision of this vast natural resource.” He was writing about the Chesapeake Bay. “The bay isn’t dying, I thought. Is it?”

Could the entire globe become unable to sustain life because of global warming, more recently called climate change? Reading Small Change, Big Gains can lead you to answer that question in the positive.

Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press, Austin, TX in 2013, my paperback copy is priced at $24.95. prices it at $21.79 for the paperback version and $7.69 for the Kindle Edition.

Not a book for pleasure but for contemplation, I highly recommend Small Change, Big Gains.

*Yesterday I heard a speaker on the radio discussing the same topic, and he concluded with a fictitious letter from a descendant a century from now. The letter asked this generation, why. Why couldn’t you have done something to save the planet when you still had time? Why do our lives have to be ruined?

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