Brace for extreme temperatures with a FREE energy consult

Remember how strangely warm it was last week? Temperatures topped 50 degrees last week, but the National Weather Service predicts that sustained winds of 15-25 miles per hour will make it feel like 45 below zero this week.

Did you get that? 45 degrees BELOW zero.

Everyone from meteorologists to emergency personnel is recommending that Mainers top off the fuel reserves and stay home - but what if your home isn't all that warm? Some homeowners keep the thermostat low on purpose to conserve fuel and save money. Others can't get the house comfortable no matter how much they crank the heat.

Either way, energy efficiency is the solution. Insulation and air sealing slow heat flow to keep your home warmer, no matter how cold it gets outside.

The best way to prepare for cold temperatures and rising prices is to schedule a FREE Energy Consult with Evergreen Home Performance. Learn how your home works and explore how energy efficiency upgrades can pay for themselves in comfort and savings. Contact us at 594-2244 to learn more and to schedule your FREE energy consult.



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