Broadreach launches parenting classes

Mar 29, 2014

Broadreach Family and Community Services is launching a series of parenting classes for parents of 4 to 7-year-olds using the model program Raising A Thinking Child. In this model, parents are guided in the use of play activities that help their children learn problem solving vocabulary before they are asked to contribute to solving their problems. Parents and children learn to play the “I can problem solve” game.

Dr Myrna Shure, the program developer, says “parents may learn that helping their child think a problem through may, in the long run, help more that immediate action to stop what he or she is doing.”

Raising A Thinking Child will help parents help their child think about what to do when they face a problem with another person; think about different ways to solve a problem; think about the consequences of what they do; decide whether or not an idea is a good one; realize that other people have feelings; and think about their own feelings too.

These free classes are being scheduled in Belfast at Capt. Albert Stevens School, in Liberty at the Walker School, in Stockton Springs at the elementary school and at the Early Childhood Center in Unity.

Classes will start the first and second week of April. Contact Patrick Walsh at Broadreach, 338-2200 ext 109 for more information.

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