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By Melissa McDonald | Feb 01, 2020



Hope you all are enjoying the relatively snow-free weather. I write a week early, so I don't know what the groundhog will have to say. Probably that winter will end around March 21 or so.

I finally have a birthday list. January is done, so we'll have to wish these people a happy belated: Millie Gibbs, Sarina Wright, Susan Champa, Robin (Wayne) Hood, Bob Littlefield, Jason Nuzzo, Evelyn Wentworth, Nancy Kragh, Judy Brossmer, Andrea McGuire, Ralph Hammond and Ray Quimby.

We also want to wish Curt and Judy Brossmer and Clayton and Barbara Blood a happy anniversary.

February birthdays: Abby Stubbs Sampson (1st), Ray Roberts (2nd) and Lisa Ravin (3rd). Here's to many more.

Susan's Adventures in Ecuador

If you didn't know, Susan Champa is spending time in Cuenca, Ecuador, for some much-needed R&R. Cuenca is a city in southern Ecuador's Andes Mountains. It's located in the highlands at about 8,400 feet above sea level. The center of the city is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its many historical buildings.

From Susan: "On Sunday, they close off the main square where Park Calderon is located. There is music and sellers of fruit and ice cream. A bag of fresh cherries is 50c and they are delicious.

"There are three sizes of stuffed horses for children to sit on and have a picture taken. On one of the closed streets off to the side, children are given chalk and allowed to draw on the street. Older people (that is, older than me) dress in native clothing.

"I love sitting and watching. It's very pleasant - with spring temperatures and beautiful gardens."

Lake St. George Winter Wildlife Walk

Learn how to identify animal tracks, signs and noises during a winter wildlife walk at Lake St. George Park on Saturday, Feb. 8, from 9 a.m. to noon. Participants will also learn how animals adapt during the winter months and how biologists study their populations. The walk will end with coffee and hot chocolate by a warm fire. All ages are welcome.

The walk will be roughly 1 1/2 hours at a moderate pace on uneven terrain. Based on current conditions, participants are encouraged to bring snowshoes but they are not required. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and wildlife biologists and staff from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry will lead the walk. There is no cost, but preregistration is required and limited to 30 participants. To preregister, visit

Spotlight on a Brooks resident: Steve Hall

- How long in Brooks: "All my life except for two years in the Army and a brief time in Bangor/Brewer."

- Tattoos: No

- Car: Chevy

- Can you drive a stick: "Is there anything else?"

- First job: Working in the woods for Uncle Phil.

- Dream Job: Firefighter (Steve told me he was a firefighter at one time).

- Astrological sign: Virgo (he thinks).

- Hobbies/Interests: Woodworking, history, reading (pulp Westerns), hunting, fishing.

- Pets: Two cats.

- Early morning or night owl: Early.

- Tea or coffee: Both.

- Favorites

Pizza: Pepperoni

Food: Meat and potatoes, hamburgers

Ice Cream: Vanilla

Color: Red

Song: "Amazing Grace"

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Movie: "My Fair Lady"

Animal: Cat

Disney character: Fess Parker as Davy Crockett in the Disney TV series.

Now you know!


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