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By Frank Champa | Apr 19, 2019
Photo by: Frank Champs Delmont's house during demolition.

Hello kids.

Well it has been quite a winter. The cafe had a pipe break upstairs while we were away on vacation. It caused a lot of damage to six rooms in the building. So our normal opening was delayed for a month because of repairs and renovations. We have lost a lot of friends this past few months in Brooks, Betty Littlefield, Dot Magoo, Ralph Bickford, Greg Parks, Lindy Davies, Elias Menard and Clayton Larrabee. So stay safe, everyone.

Get well soon

I just went to visit Joanne Wilcox in the hospital this past week. Joanne was taken to Eastern Maine with double pneumonia. The day after I saw her she was extenuated and was up and talking. She will still need a small procedure and then will be sent to Harbor Hill to recover for a bit.

Honey Wildes also is in need of some well-wishing. Honey fell and fractured her shoulder. She will be recovering at Harbor Hill too.

Delmont's house

The Sunday before Delmont's house was taken down, Kyle and Kate Gibbs let the Historic Society go through the house to take pictures and gather things up. Kate and Kyle thought they would be able to restore the old home but unfortunately the damage to the house was far to great to be able to save the house.

I have been in the house many times over a span of 14 years and it was hard to believe the state it had gotten into. Many rumors seem to be spinning around town about the house, many as you guess are false. The town did not stop the previous owner from fixing up the house, nor has the town restricted what the current owners can or cannot build in the location.

It was a sad day when the house was taken down. I stood on the corner with Ellie Ellwell and Steve Hall taking pictures and feeling mourning over what could be seen as the symbol of Brooks. The big house at the four corners is what people think of when they think of our town.

The house has sat derelict for many years, and I think it best to hope that a revitalized corner will be a good step forward for the town. Many thanks to Kyle and Kate for all their efforts.

Town water meeting

The town will hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of town water and sewer. All are welcome to attend. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 7, at 6:30 p.m. at the Varney Building.

Fundraising supper

A fundraising supper will be held at the Varney Building on May 5 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The supper will be to benefit Lisa Cooley and her family to help with bills after Lindy Davies' long battle with illness.

Yoga class

Yoga is back! Shelly Whitlatch is back leading yoga at the Varney Building on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m. All are welcome and all levels welcome.




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