Annual pre-Halloween jaunt

Brower, Wonder Woman (Jala Tooley) creep to firsts in 'Scare Me' 5K

Runners, walkers scare up fun morning journey around city
By Ken Waltz | Nov 02, 2017
Photo by: Ken Waltz Participants, all in costumes, make their way to the starting line for the annual Trackside Station "Scare Me" 5-kilometer road race/walk on Oct. 28 in Rockland. Those pictured, from left, include Kiley Feraco, Kate Ryan, Josh Scholz and his little mermaid (Olivia), Tara Wagner, Weber Roberts, Harriet Yankura and Cyrus Alley.

Rockland — Four days before Halloween, all measure of monsters, ghouls, superheros and creepy people stalked — make that ran and walked — the South End streets of the city on Saturday morning, Oct. 28 during the annual Trackside Station "Scare Me" 5-kilometer road race.

The event attracted participants off all ages, many dressed in costumes, from Wonder Woman, a butterfly and Batman and Batgirl, to a little mermaid, skeleton, female feline and even Pennywise, the scary clown from Stephen King's "It," complete with the prerequisite red balloon.

In the end, the winners of the 3.1-mile event were Lucas Brower of Boston, Mass. (and Camden originally) overall in 19:37.6, while the females were led by Wonder Woman, a.k.a, Jala Tooley of Camden, in third at 20:28.6.

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There were 48 participants and one supporter listed for the event.

The 5K was part of the local holiday 5K race series organized by the non-profit One Community Many Voices.

One Community Many Voices, OCMV, is a 501c(3) charitable organization, located in Rockland. Using a model called: the Art of Good Fellowship — Paying it Forward One Neighbor at a Time — OCMV provides gap funding when no other resources are available to help neighbors in need resolve a hardship related to employment/skill building, youth aspirations, elderly independent living or well-being.

To learn more about OCMV, visit

The individual 5K results, with place, name and time listed, included: 1, Lucas Brower, 19:37.6; 2, Shawn Anderson, 20:20.1; 3, Jala Tooley, 20:28.6; 4, Andrea Giddings, 20:49.7; 5, Cyrus Alley, 21:06.0; 6, Weber Roberts, 21:16.8; 7, Ronald Stevenson, 21:42.9; 8, Kasey Cole, 21:45.4; 9, Michael Cummons, 21:55.2; 10, Amy Flood, 22:09.0; 11, Lucas McNelly, 22:31.7; 12, Matthew Booth, 22:42.3; 13, Colin Stewart, 23:28.2; 14, Mary Smith, 24:23.2; 15, Peter Horch, 24:54.7; 16, James Tolles, 25:05.1; 17, Tara Wagner, 25:17.8; 18, Kate Ryan, 26:07.0; 19, Reade Brower, 26:41.1; 20, John Clifford, 26:52.7; 21, Harriet Yankura, 27:23.1; 22, Mike Cole, 27:43.3; 23, Thaddeus Heintzman, 27:43.9; 24, Lindsey O'Hara, 28:36.2; 25, Kris Lowell, 29:06.3; 26, Holly Vanorse Spicer, 31:16.4; 27, Sarah Crossman, 31:38.3; 28, Karen Burns, 31:46.2; 29, Dawn Smith, 32:16.7; 30, Jennifer Simmons, 32:29.1; 31, Katie Daggett, 33:14.4; 32, Abby Daggett, 33:15.4; 33, Josh Scholz, 33:22.7; 34, Irene Dyer, 34:21.2; 35, Melissa Tapley, 34:22.1; 36, Sue Colgan-Borror, 36:02.8; 37, Beth Wilkas Feraco, 39:01.1; 38, Kiley Feraco, 39:01.5; 39, Hunter Grindle, 39:18.5; 40, Becky Leonard, 39:19.5; 41, Hannah Tannebury, 39:50.3; 42, Reilly Harvey, 39:52.9; 43, Chelsea Small, 40:08.9; 44, Katie Cole, 41:55.8; 45, Daniela Esposito, 44:11.9; 46, Steve Arsenault, 46:49.5; 47, Megan Stilwell, 46:50.3; 48, Cathy Barrett, 51:45.1. Supporter: Diane-Marie Colby.

There is no clowning around for Katie Daggett. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Tara Wagner. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Hannah Tannebury, left, and Reilly Harvey, along with a young girl. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
A good witch, Daniela Esposito, attends to her children before the race. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Josh Scholz. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Josh Scholz' little mermaid, Olivia. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Harriet Yankura. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Cyrus Alley. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Lindsey O'Hara's little Batman (Jameson O'Hara). (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Lindsey O'Hara's little princess (Molly O'Hara). (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Chelsea Small, left, and Katie Cole. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Runners and walkers, including Mary Smith (204) and Jala Tooley (217), make their way to the starting line. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Hunter Grindle, left, and Beth Wilkas Feraco. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Runners and walkers take off at the start of the race. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Katie Daggett, left, and Abby Daggett. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
A youngster is on the move. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
From left, Cyrus Alley, Shawn Anderson and Lucas Brower. Brower finished first overall. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Jala Tooley, a.k.a Wonder Woman, the first female finisher. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Peter Horch (161), among others. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Harriet Yankura, left, and Tara Wagner, right, among others. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Harriet Yankura, front, and Kate Ryan. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
From left, Beth Wilkas Feraco, Irene Dyer, Kiley Feraco and Melissa Tapley. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Reilly Harvey, left, and Hannah Tannebury, along with a young girl. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
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