Snow-covered trek

Bundled participants brave harsh cold in 'Set The Pace' 5K

Drago, Tooley fastest; most covered head to toe in wind chills of 20-below zero
By Staff | Jan 02, 2018
Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer Runners and walkers head out during the start of The Drouthy Bear "Set The Pace" 5-kilometer road race on Jan. 1 in Camden.

Camden — Thirty-eight people braved temperatures near zero and wind chills much colder to ring in the new year on the run during the annual The Drouthy Bear "Set the Pace" 5-kilometer event.

In harsh conditions that would be dangerous simply to stand in, the small, but rugged group of runners and walkers covered the snow-covered, 3.1-mile course wearing all manner of attire — hats, gloves, mittens, jackets, vests, leggings, scarves and even ski goggles.

The idea was to start the New Year on a healthy note on Monday, Jan. 1 and they did that in tough weather conditions.

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In this event, unlike most spring, summer and fall runs, no participants ran barefoot, even though traditional barefoot-runners Reade Brower and Steve Cartwright were among the field.

Most of the hardy souls were covered from head to toe to prevent frostbite or worse. But at least no one ran in and out of the ocean, a tradition on this day, but kept somewhat toasty by moving along the course.

Given the tough conditions, a surprising number of people turned out to participate. It was around 4 degrees at the start of the event at 11:11 a.m., with a windchill of minus-20 or so degrees.

Keith Drago took off at the start and finished first overall in 17:47.6, while David Root was second at 18:17.1 Jala Tooley was the first female finisher in 21:17.8. She was fifth overall.

The annual event started near The Drouthy Bear, 50 Elm St. and is organized by the non-profit One Community Many Voices.

One Community Many Voices, OCMV, is a 501c(3) charitable organization, located in Rockland. Using a model called: the Art of Good Fellowship – Paying it Forward One Neighbor at a Time – OCMV provides gap funding when no other resources are available to help neighbors in need resolve a hardship related to employment/skill building, youth aspirations, elderly independent living or well-being.

Prizes were awarded for the fastest male and female finishers and for the runner who took on the weather as the least dressed. Mile-marker sponsors for the event were 16 Bay View Hotel, Trackside Station restaurant and Doug Curtis Jr., Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Bottled water was sponsored by First National Bank.

To learn more about OCMV, visit

The following are the complete results from the 5K: 1, Drago, 30, 17:47.6; 2, Root, 48, 18:17.1; 3, Kurt Steiner, 34, 20:19.7; 4, Thomas Fries, 32, 21:15.3; 5, Tooley, 38, 21:17.8; 6, Weber Roberts, 46, 22:06.9; 7, Jeff Hilt, 46, 22:17.0; 8, Juan Meneses, 30, 22:39.1; 9, Steve Cartwright, 66, 22:51.0; 10, Jude Massuer, 44, 22:57.1; 11, Bryan McCarthy, 40, 22:57.4; 12, Peter Abello, 45, 23:03.0; 13, Belinda Aldrich, 40, 23:18.7; 14, Michael Cummons, 57, 23:28.1; 15, Katie Daggett, 49, 23:38.0; 16, Cody Wilson, 27, 23:52.5; 17, Julie Millard, 54, 23:57.7; 18, Hannah Raymond, 33, 23:59.8; 19, Brian Watkins, 56, 24:27.3; 20, Randall Farr, 43, 24:57.9; 21, Doug Blasius, 64, 25:10.1; 22, Hannah Kiermayr, 22, 28:01.1; 23, Mike Madell, 58, 28:13.5; 24, Reade Brower, 61, 28:36.9; 25, Lindsey O'Hara, 34, 28:52.9; 26, Danielle Fagonde, 40, 29:14.8; 27, Claire Dufort, 36, 29:55.4; 28, Licia Morelli, 39, 30:13.2; 29, Jennifer Fries, 37, 32:48.8; 30, Emily Mecklenburg, 34, 33:40.3; 31, Amanda Russell, 59, 34:57.4; 32, Andy Abello, 72, 34:57.5; 33, Ellen Spring, 65, 35:52.8; 34, Misty Rambo, 36, 37:53.9; 35, Sue Colgan-Borror, 64, 38:47.6; 36, Katrina Pound, 38, 47:57.2; 37, Anna Miller, 37, 47:57.7; and 38, Amber Nuite, 33, 47:58.1.

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Katrina Pound, left, Anna Miller, middle, and Amber Nuite. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Keith Drago, left, leads a pack of runners at the start at The Drouthy Bear "Set The Pace" 5K. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Runners and walkers head out during the start of The Drouthy Bear "Set The Pace" 5K. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Ellen Spring. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Keith Drago, the first-place finisher. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
David Root. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Kurt Steiner. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Jala Tooley, the first female finisher. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Thomas Fries. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Juan Meneses. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Jeff Hilt. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Steve Cartwright, left, Jude Massuer, middle, and Bryan McCarthy, right, among others. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Belinda Aldrich. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Cody Wilson. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Michael Cummons. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Peter Abello. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Katie Daggett. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Julie Millard. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Hannah Raymond. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Doug Blasius. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Hannah Kiermayr. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Danielle Fagonde. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Licia Morelli. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Claire Dufort. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Emily Mecklenburg. (Photo by: Holly Vanorse Spicer)
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