Camden District Nurses Attend Forum on Community Health

Judi Lydon, RN (l) and Ann Feeney, Nursing Director of Camden Area District Nursing, review materials they picked up at a recent community health forum planned by directors and coordinators of several local health organizations.

Ann Feeney, Nursing Director of Camden Area District Nursing, and Judi Lydon, staff nurse, recently participated in  the Knox County Community Health Forum, organized by representatives of several local health organizations.

The featured presenter was Deb Deatrick, Vice President for Community Health under the Maine Health umbrella.  Data was presented showing the State of Maine to have the oldest population in the country, and Knox County with the distinction of having the second oldest residents of any county in the USA.  In addition, rates of overweight and heart disease are generally higher than the state averages.  A goal of the forum was to share initiatives and programs that address some of the local health needs.

As they provide home nursing visits to residents of Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville and Hope, Camden District Nursing stays informed about health trends and community resources.  The nurses visit patients who have no insurance or medicare coverage for medicine pre-pours, well-being assessments, injections or footcare.  Exchanging ideas with other health professionals helps the nurses develop appropriate plans for each patient.

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