Camden Hills Realty welcomes Rosie and Opal

By Camden Hills Realty | Nov 22, 2012
Photo by: Beth Smith Beth Smith and Dr. Jim Laurita with Rosie and Opal

Realtor Beth Smith, a resident of Hope and broker for Camden Hills Realty presents a $1000 donation on behalf of Camden Hills Realty to Hope Elephants founder, Dr. Jim Laurita (with Rosie & Opal in the background). Beth also serves as a community volunteer for Hope Elephants.  “There is both an important and fabulous story to tell behind the mission. The organization will foster care, rehabilitation and education which Camden Hills Realty fully endorses” stated Beth Smith. Hope Elephants is here to provide the best possible care for two resident elephants, Rosie and Opal. The Hope facility is also an educational destination where visitors have an opportunity to see and hear about the animals and the big issues surrounding conservation, habitat destruction, and ecology. Hope Elephants is a unique facility located in Hope, Maine. The goal of Hope Elephants’ educational program is to inspire visitors to act upon their experience and find their own path to participate in wildlife conservation something Camden Hills Realty supports… Visit … Rosie and Opal, welcome!

(Photo by: Beth Smith)
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