Photo by: Amy Wilton

Scott Horty, President of Camden Real Estate Company, is pleased to announce that Jill Delano has joined his team. “Jill has an extensive range of experiences that have led her, naturally, to a career in real estate.  With her strong connections to the community through her daughters and the life she leads you'll find her a natural choice to your home buying or selling process.”

Growing up, Jill would visit her grandparent's farm in Lincolnville every summer, and dream of living in the mid-coast someday.  She majored in architecture at Wellesley College, took courses in architecture, urban planning and historic preservation at MIT and Columbia University, and worked for an architecture firm in Boston before making that dream a reality. Jill says, “When I moved to Camden in 1996, I came for the natural beauty, the things that make visitors want to move here.  But, what makes this area truly 'home' for me are the people that this place attracts – amazing and interesting people with such varied backgrounds and passions.”

Over the years, Jill expanded her interests in architecture, design, and community involvement through her work with local interior designers, co-owning a successful home design and construction company, and through her work with a number of local non-profit organizations. She currently serves on the Board of the Penobscot Bay YMCA and has two teenage daughters who are involved in many activities.

“I am thrilled to combine all of my passions and experience and put them to work for my clients at Camden Real Estate.”

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