Can Tree and Shrubs be Planted in the Fall?

Many customers have the perception that trees and shrubs shouldn't be planted in the fall, but that isn't the case. Fall is a GREAT time to be planting and here is why:

  • Annual weeds that compete for water and nutrients slow down considerably making these essentials more available for plants.  
  • The fall season typically has more moisture and cooler temperatures, which are key components for successful plant establishment. 
  • Most pests and diseases cycles have come and gone by fall which reduces another stress factor to be concerned with. 
  • Warm soil temperatures allow for quicker root establishment. With unpredictable spring weather soil temperatures can take considerable time to warm up. 
  • Plants naturally shift energy from top growth to root growth which aids plant establishment. 
  • Plant sales!!! Garden centers usually have sales throughout the fall season making it an opportune time for consumers to plant. 

It is important to note that some plants tend to be more successful when planted in the spring than in fall, but overall fall is a very viable time to plant! We like to use October 15th as a general cutoff date for planting, but this can be extended if there are favorable conditions.

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