Candy Cane Capers

Community Happenings
Belfast United Methodist Church
23 Mill Lane
Evelyn Littlefield
Dec 08, 2012
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The doors of the Belfast United Methodist Church, adorned with giant candy canes, will welcome children ages 5-12 from the community to come and shop for Christmas gifts for their immediate family. Children can purchase gifts for parents, siblings, grandparents, step-parents and step-siblings. The shoppers will be greeted at the door and directed to the tag table, where volunteers will make out gift tags for each gift the child needs to purchase. The children are allowed to purchase one gift per family member.

Each child will receive $1 in Candy Cane Caper certificates towards their purchases. Gifts range in price from 10 cents to $1, regardless of the true value of the item. The younger shoppers will have helpers to guide them during the shopping process. When they are finished,volunteers will wrap and tag each gift. Before leaving, the children will be invited to the refreshment table for cookies and punch, and then given a candy cane as they leave with gifts in hand and smiles on their faces! Adults are invited to enjoy a cup of coffee and some cookies while their children shop. Call the church for more information.