Caterpillar zone; shop local; foremost psychic; census numbers drop

Jun 17, 2020

July 5, 1900

The Belfast Creamery shipped 3,000 gallons of cream to Boston in June, besides supplying the retail local market.

Nearly everybody has noticed the scarcity of caterpillars in this vicinity: while last year they were more numerous than ever before. Parties who have traveled northward report that there is a distinct line where the caterpillar zone begins, in the town of Monroe. North of that line there are apparently as many as last year, while south of it there are very few. Last fall The Journal mentioned the fact that a large proportion of the cocoons were parasites and some observers attribute the decrease to insect enemies. Others think the warm weather of early spring, followed by a cold spell, killed many of them.

July 7, 1910

Carle & Jones sold a White sewing machine the other day to a customer who had previously bought a machine from a mail order house. The time came when it needed repairs and writing to the house for them he was told they no longer carried that make and he had to discard the machine. A neighbor had a like experience. The cheaper price at which goods are offered by the mail order houses is often more than offset by express or freight charges, or you get an inferior article to that carried by the local dealer. In any event you are adding to the profits of outside concerns which contribute nothing to the community in which you live and in whose general prosperity you are directly interested. If the money sent out from Waldo county was expended at home it would benefit everybody. Give your local dealers a chance. Do your banking at home and not out of town.

July 8, 1920

Last Sunday evening at Memorial Hall Alfred Hazen Stoddard, the noted psychic and lecturer, appeared before a large and appreciative audience. After a wonderful rendition of Sir Edwin Arnold’s poem, “She and He,” the speaker delivered a splendid discourse on “The Coming Religion.” During the message period which followed, the tests were phenomenal and one could readily understand why Mr. Stoddard is termed America’s foremost psychic.

July 3, 1930

Waldo County’s population according to the 1930 census, complete results of which have just been announced by the Augusta district office, is 20,275 and the number of farms is 2,530. Belfast, the only city in this county, has a recorded population of 4,983, but this is a drop of 100 below the 1920 census, while this county as a whole has fewer inhabitants by 1,053.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.


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