CHESTNUT STREET BAPTIST CHURCH - Addictions & Treatment – A Christian Perspective


CSBC is hosting an addcition seminar entitled 

Addictions & Treatment – A Christian Perspective

October 13, 2012 – 8:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

29 Chestnut Street, Camden, Maine


 Here is a quick brief on our two guest speakers:

“How People Become Addicted and What Recovery Looks Like”

Mr. Lew Gervals, Hope Ministries, Palm Bay, Florida

Our Mission - "Help Hearts Heal" 


Since 1996 Lew has been going to churches throughout the US and Canada offering his experience and wisdom as he helps churches learn to reach out to the hurting and the addicted in their community. His facilitator training seminars have been instrumental in helping many churches develop and expand their ability to minister to the hurting and the addicted in and around the church.


“His Mansion Residential Treatment Process for Addictions &

Other Life Challenges.”

Rev. Matt Kantrowitz, His Mansion, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Our Mission - “Healing in the Context of Community”


Matt teaches healing through the Scripture at His Mansion founded in 1971 by an awareness and concern for the damage being done by addiction, the need to mobilize and equip young Christian men and women for service, and to capitalize on the tremendous potential that lay in the ranks of the otherwise dysfunctional victims of the culture.


This workshop is open to ANY person interested. There is NO fee. However, guests will be asked to consider making a donation supporting the ministries of the presenters. Coffee, tea, etc. will be served in the morning. There will be a “working lunch” around a serving of Pizza and beverages.


If interested or you have any questions, please call Bob O’Brien, 207-790-0304.

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