City addresses concerns about treatment of roads, continued clean up after ice storm

Jan 02, 2014

Belfast — Due to calls from concerned citizens, the city of Belfast has published the following list regarding treatment of the roads and walkways, as well as clean up efforts after the recent ice storm:

  • It is too cold to get the ice off the roads. Salt does not work at these temperatures. When it warms up we can use salt to loosen the ice and the grader to scrape it off.
  • We still have trees and limbs around the city that are in need of cutting.
  • We still have a lot of tree limbs around the city that need to be picked up.
  • We do not officially pick up Christmas trees. We have picked them up in the past when people have put them out by the road because they interfere with snowplowing. Since we still have so much ice and snow, tree limbs and storm drains to deal with we ask everyone to take responsibility to get their own Christmas tree to the transfer station. Otherwise set it aside and we will pick it up when we do spring pickup inside the bypass.
  • Use caution on all sidewalks and roads. Sand will provide the best surface in this cold.
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