City Council agenda: July 15

Jul 14, 2014

Public Hearing #1

A public hearing will be held to hear a renewal application by Debbie O'Leary d/b/a Bell the Cat at her new location at 15G Starrett Drive, Belfast, Maine for a Malt, Spirituous and Vinous Restaurant/Lounge (Class I-IV) license.

Public Hearing #2

A public hearing will be held on a renewal application for a Special Amusement Permit for Debra O'Leary d/b/a Bell the Cat for live music, DJ, karaoke, all live entertainment and dancing, interior only.

Public Hearing #3

A public hearing will be held to hear an application by Qi Qi Chen d/b/a Ming's Inc., located at 185 Searsport Avenue for a renewal Malt, Spirituous and Vinous Restaurant Class IV liquor license, interior only.


Update on possible withdrawal from RSU 20.

Request from Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden to confirm two new officers to the Belfast Police Department.

Consideration of a request from Front Street Shipyard to temporarily store long sailing masts on city property.

Consideration of a proposal to purchase private property at 59 Bridge Street as part of the Front Street Reconstruction project.

Request from the City Manager to move $7,650 from the Harbor Waterfront Gasoline account.

Discussion on the possible acceptance of a gift of an upright piano for the Boathouse.

Update on the Downtown Revitalization project.

Appointment of Nora McGrath as Office Assistant.

Discussion on tax acquired properties put out to bid.

Request from the Economic Development Director to re-authorize the city's existing CDBG Housing Assistance Advisory Committee and to what members to fill open slots in the committee.

Request to approve the formation of the Brownfields Cleanup Task Force to advise on the cleanup of 45 Front Street.

Signing of council orders and housekeeping items.

Comments (2)
Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jul 15, 2014 10:32

I had hoped Seaview Terrace infrastructure was on the agenda. I keep the hope.

Flash flooding again today- will Seaview Terrace go under? At the last City Council meeting, Councilor Roger Lee again defends the forced water slaughter with a fabricated stream on private property with no rights of ways, no easements. No rights to slaughter us even if there were a stream  Councilor Mike Hurley also disclaiming "90%" of all the facts I have so painfully exposed, kicking me again and again.

Look at the maps and original plans that I did manage to score.  See maps at the top tab labeled 1939-1970 maps on

Posted by: Harold Richardson | Jul 14, 2014 14:52

The city leaders should give themselves a big pat on the back for the great job they've done these last 10 years making Belfast a must visit destination for so many people.  The place never looked better or busier and that doesn't happen without a lot of work and planning in City Hall.  When I bought my home ten years ago, there were people that fought against fixing the footbridge and now it's the exclamation point on the beautiful harbor walk.  The rail trail will be a huge draw for a whole different bunch of people.  I know much of the planning for these improvements were many years in the making but the people here now are the ones that got things done.  So thank-you to the Mayor, the council, city manager and all the great employees of Belfast for a job well done!

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