City Council agenda: June 17

Jun 16, 2014

Belfast — Public Hearing #1

The Belfast City Council shall conduct a second reading and public hearing regarding proposed amendments to the city Code of Ordinances, Chapter 102, Zoning, Article V, District Regulations, Division 29, Searsport Avenue Commercial Zoning District. The proposed amendment would allow boat building, boat retrofitting, boat repair and boat storage, including the sale of boats and accessory equipment as a permitted use in this zoning district.

Public Hearing #2

A public hearing will be held to hear an application by Theodore Guerry d/b/a Pig Out BBQ located at 31B Front Street, Belfast, Maine for a renewal malt liquor only license.

Public Hearing #3

A public hearing will be held on an application for a renewal victualer license for Chinda Rustanavibul d/b/a Thai Siam 2 located at 160 Searsport Ave., Belfast, Maine license to expire May 31, 2014.


Request from the Fire Chief to appoint Adrian Stone as a full time paramedic for the Belfast Ambulance service.

Request from the Fire Chief for authority to sell a 2006 Ford ambulance.

Request from the Fire Chief for approval of a fee arrangement for non emergency transports.

Updated discussion on tree removal issues.

Second reading of a proposed amendment to the city Zoning Ordinances, Chapter 102, Article V, District Regulations, Division 29, Searsport Avenue Commercial Zoning District.

Update from the City Planner on the upcoming public hearings on proposed changes to various zoning provisions inside the bypass area.

Request from the LaMagna family for the city to accept a donation of a memorial bench to be placed in City Park.

Request from the city manager to conduct an executive session to discuss a legal matter.

Request from the city manager to conduct an executive session to discuss a real estate matter.

Signing of council orders and housekeeping items.

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Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 16, 2014 13:00

Seaview Terrace residents denied an agenda/due process yet again Several of us went to the last meeting to speak at open to the public against the rezoning. I asked to placed on the agenda that night if possible since we were there, or this meeting here. No comment, the next speaker up, a business man from Bar Harbor, didn't even ask to be placed on the agenda and City Council motioned to put him on for that night.


Seriously, City Council/Hall treats their unworthy worse the a bag of dog dung.Now they expect us to lay down as they pave over us. Good thing I've hung in there for 3 years. It's all clear as today. No fog, no clouds,

All residents in residence on Seaview Terrace have signed a petition against attempts to rezone our residential, dead end street, 12 single family homes, 18 ft wide st., no curbs/sidewalks,sewers. drainage, flood plain, flood zone, to a new zone- Housing and Healthcare- with intent do away with all housing as stated in the overview plan by City Planner, Wayne Marshall. City Hall still has not made R2 (our current zone) public- won't provide public documents of the Planning Boards approval for the proposal. Either the planning board corruptly approved, or they did not approve and City Planner, Wayne Marshall is pushing ahead.


Just like the Capt Al Steven School. Conditions for approval requiring an engineer inspection of the storm drainage and an impact study for runoff to the water shed residents (many, including Seaview Terrace), both of the critical conditions to protect the residents from flooding were never done. The City Planner illegally channeled most of the runoff to private property. Saving the 2 1/2 million dollar storm sewer improvements to Miller St for his visions. Housing out, business in. They all say so. It's a vote. "Putin" on the Happy Video...sick.

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