City Council agenda: May 20

May 19, 2014

Public Hearing #1

A public hearing will be held on May 20, 2014 at 7 p.m. or as soon as possible thereafter in the council chambers of Belfast City Hall to hear an application by the Belfast Curling Club located at 211 Belmont Avenue, Belfast, Maine for a renewal Malt, Spirituous and Vinous liquor license, interior only.

Public Hearing #2

A public hearing will be held on May 20, 2014 at 7 p.m. or as soon as possible thereafter in the council chambers of Belfast City Hall on an application for a renewal Special Amusement Permit for Belfast Curling Club for live music, vocal – Karaoke, DJ and danncing at 211 Belmont Avenue, Belfast, Maine interior/exterior.


Reconsideration of a request from the Harbor Committee to set slip fees for Thompson's Wharf for 2014.

Request from the police chief to appoint two part time patrol officers.

Request from the Economic Development Director to set up an Airport Master Plan Project Advisory Committee.

Request from the Economic Development Director for authority to pursue a grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission to help pay for the Rail Trail project.

Update from the City Planner on efforts to incorporate the recommendations to the Comprehensive Plan into Belfast land use regulations.

Consideration of requests to cut down trees at 6 Court Street, 7 Swan Lake Ave. and 100 Miller Street.

Request by the City Manager to go into executive session to discuss a legal enforcement matter.

Request by the City Manager to go into executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

Signing of council orders and housekeeping items.

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Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 09, 2014 18:32

Dan West- just saw the test comment by admin. not sure if it went to recent though, as it is on the second page. Here we go. test.

Posted by: Admin User | Jun 09, 2014 11:52

test comment

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 08, 2014 06:58

Dan West- thought you fixed my comments from recently going to the second page. It's back again. Please advise.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 07, 2014 15:11

My neighbor asked City Manager Joe Slocum to see the Findings of Fact approval by the planning  to rezone our single family residential 12 home, dead end street to healthcare and housing. Joe Slocum claims he doesn't know what the Findings of Fact approval is! Oh come on. We sent him a documented Freedom of Information request for that Findings of Fact approval. 5 days to fulfill or avoid. Tick, Tick. No way could that have passed approvals.

More sneaky maneuverings have come to my attention. Some "pilars" of the community...see  This Comprehensive Plan is bad news. Still not out to the public. Tiny print on the website and it's not complete, still tweaking, not valid until ALL of it is available to the public. Hearings less than 4 weeks away. Bet there are enough loopholes to make a dragnet large enough to capture all unworthy residents. How will the layman know? When they pave over your house.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 02, 2014 12:08

DELAY PUBLIC HEARINGS- they are still working on the ordinances- they have been planning this since 2009. The public must review thoroughly and get agenda's with City Council and have all concerns addressed IN WRITING, Then, to a public hearing to share information.

Rezoning Seaview Terrace to R3 is dead corrupt. Attempting to pass this extermination through will be costly class action lawsuit where residents pick up that tab.

I caught more frightening "future land use language" from City Planner, Wayne Marshall at the 5/28/14 Planning Board meeting. The menu is wrong- click on #4 ff 4minutes15sec.

He is speaking about the Searsport Ave district. Land uses state specific uses, buildings, businesses, etc. He is changing that to a simple broad definition and the board must only decide yes it fits the land use or no. Losing the control for the public to protest a controversial application. I can see that coming into the R2 and R3 zonings as well. Opening up a massive can of healthcare scary neighbors. But, nothing you can do, they are licensed healthcare...they fit. Yes. Lock your doors, Annie get your gun.

Catching bits and pieces under Wayne's words is calculated vagueness to slide in more resident abuse. When they are ever ready to release all the information, the public viewing should be a minimum of 2 months since Council only meets twice a month. Getting it on an agenda is their call and many times their call is to take the 5th.

In the 2nd round the budget, Slocum budgets for road/culverts on Achorn St. Slocum does not state a budget for the repaving on Seaview Terrace with necessary roadside drainage as he stated previously. He did say there were problems because the water district had told him they were digging to work on Seaview's water lines. Never heard another thing, no neighbors have been contacted as he said he would do before the paving this summer. Is the extermination already underway? Destroy us completely, render our property values worthless from City destruction. And then come in and take it for nothing, Eminent Domain without compensation.  Hence, class action law suit inverse condemnation. The illegal flooding and destruction proven. Guilty, get out, all of you.


Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 01, 2014 09:18

LET'S ROLL!! Protest the plan and halt all recreation/want spending TFN. Independent committee's must be formed to secure facts and public documents held in Belfast City Wall Hall. Email Council and speak at open to the public at 7pm, this Tuesday, 6/3/14. The 3 minute rule is not a rule- many are allowed limitless meetings when the supreme deem them worthy of their visions.

Residents must stop these ordinance changes per the comprehensive plan. Clearly as "un-clearly"
as City Wall can do. Stalling facts to confuse the in the by pass residents. The highest tax paying residents. Calculating to pit neighbors against each other. Common tactic for diversion for over taking. No need to read the Hunger Games, The Flooding Games are reality in Belfast. Extermination under way with targeting the vulnerable. The City Planner is stating so.

Take a Sunday stroll or drive to Seaview Terrace. Let's be friends. I'm always home and have never been the villain I am painted as. Even those that know me, have chosen to look the other way. Clean slate. Let's Roll Untied- Honor Todd Beamer - true hero and integrity.

This plan to change our zoned residential- 12 single family homes ONLY- should have never have passed through any Planning Board or Planning and Zoning brains period. Here is another town rezoning a residential into healthcare- ALL OF THESE WOULD VIOLATE SEAVIEW TERRACE. CASE CLOSED. Clean house completely of officials, Council, Attorney's, and Boards. All corrupt.



1. Will the proposed zoning district permit uses that would create traffic volumes, noise level, odor,

airborne particulate matter, visual blight, reduce light or increased density of development that would

adversely impact the livability or quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood?

Yes No _ _

2. Will the proposed zoning district permit uses that would adversely impact adjacent and nearby

properties by rendering such properties less desirable and therefore less marketable for the type of

development permitted under the current zoning?

Yes No

3. Will the proposed zoning district permit uses that would generate a type or mix of vehicular traffic on

a street or highway that is incompatible with the type of land use development along such street or


Yes No X _

4. Will the proposed zoning district permit uses that would generate greater traffic volumes at vehicular

access points and cross streets than is generated by uses permitted under the current zoning district to

the detriment of maintaining acceptable or current volume capacity (V/C) ratio for the streets that

provide vehicular access to the proposed zoning district and adjacent and nearby properties?

Yes No _


Rezoning Request

MPC File NO. 12-002055

12815 White Bluff Road

R-6 to PUD-IS

5. Will the proposed zoning district permit uses or scale of development that would require a greater

level of public services such as drainage facilities, utilities, or safety services above that required for

uses permitted under the current zoning district such that the provision of these services will create

financial burden to the public?

Yes No

6. Will the proposed zoning district permit uses or scale of development that would adversely impact the

improvement or development of adjacent and nearby properties in accordance with existing zoning

regulations and development controls deemed necessary to maintain the stability and livability of the

surrounding neighborhood?

Yes No _

7. Will the proposed zoning district permit development that is inconsistent with the comprehensive land

use plan?

Yes No


Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 01, 2014 07:18

OOPS- misses the rest of the plan to target and exterminate residences. Has Planning Board Roger Pickering of Wight St. used influence. Wight St received storm water slaughter with City work 2 years ago. Forcing it all to Seaview Terrace via the double culverts installed in front of Roger's house and ditching further down the road, behind the Annex to me. Plus more work. Here Marshall is pushing for sidewalks ASAP?? Buying those residents into accepting the R3 zone?

Marshall is at it again, saying the storm water runoff that the City has illegally forced to this whole watershed area from all the businesses/schools/facilities, 2 miles of highway- Rte 1&S- and only the City knows and won't tell the acreage sent to us from the Lower Congress St/Trailer park, Airport?, under Rte 1 and direct into Seaview Terrace and behind Huntress Gardens Apt. He states that all this slaughter is a NEIGHBOR PROBLEM. THE FLOODING GAMES AS I SAID 3 YEARS AGO. STOP THEM. BOYCOTT BELFAST UNTIL BUSINESSES STEP UP FOR THE ABUSED RESIDENTS THAT HAVE SUPPORTED THEM AND HAVE BEEN DENIED BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE. PLANNING NOW TO EXTERMINATE US. VISIONS OF THE GREEDY AND EVIL- HOW DID THEY PLAY OUT IN GERMANY, HOW IS PLAYING OUT IN UKRAINE...ALL OVER.

Call to action residents. Swamp their email box and swamp the City Council Meeting this Tuesday, 6/3. Halt the plan now. Since 2009 they have been devising and fine tuning the demise. It is still not public and public hearings are already scheduled. Same corrupt tactics- stall, present, case closed, try and sue us. We hold all the documents proving corruption, non-compliance (CASS is loaded with them and the major flooder. Think- all those sites draing to us are by zoning code, required to remove plowed snow off site. The City WANTS that snow to wipe us out. They knew it did as recently as 2009 and 2011 and they blame mother nature and feign ignorance- wild rapids poured through my small yard for days on end, over 600 ft of my property taken with it- cars almost swept away at the top of Seaview, per Joe Slocum, City Manager- could have knocked the house off it's foundation. No accountability, no concern for drowning, death, destruction of private homes. Our dreams, our homes, our lives) Horrid, horrid City Hall.

Permitted Uses (Examples of Main Uses)
1) Hospital/Health Care Facilities
2) Professional Offices & Health Care Offices
3) Single-Family & Two-Family Residences
4) Congregate Care & Elderly Housing
5) Home Occupations, Small Scale (low impact)
6) Bed & Breakfast
7) Municipal & County Uses
8) Schools, Churches, Day Care Centers & Similar Uses
Minimum Lot Size
1) ¼ acre – 10,000 square ft for single-family or two-family (sewer)
2) ½ acre – 20,000 square feet for single-family and 1 acre for two-family (septic)
3) ½ acre for nonresidential uses (such as offices & municipal buildings)
4) 60 feet street frontage for residential and 100 feet for nonresidential
Density (Number of Housing Units per Acre)
1) 4 single-family units per acre (sewer)
2) 2 single-family units per acre (septic)
3) 8 two-family (duplex) units per acre (sewer)
4) 2 two-family (duplex) units (1 structure with 2 units) per acre (septic)
5) 0 multi-family units per acre as multi-family is a prohibited use
6) There is no specific density standard for congregate or elderly housing units
6) No specific restriction is proposed regarding the amount of lot coverage for either a residential or a nonresidential use.
Setbacks (Distance Structure must be Located from a Lot Line)
1) Front setback is usually 25 feet for houses, but potential opportunities for variable front setbacks on Wight Street if houses in the vicinity have a consistent amount of setback from the street that is less than 25 feet.
2) Front setback (structure) for offices, health care facilities, and other permitted nonresidential uses of 25 feet with appropriate landscape buffers.
3) Side setback of 15 feet for residences and 25 feet for offices and other nonresidential uses, with appropriate landscape buffers required for nonresidential uses.
4) Rear setback of 15 feet for dwelling unit and 5 feet for detached accessory structure to a residential unit, and 25 feet for offices and other nonresidential uses, with appropriate landscape buffers required for nonresidential uses.
Major Changes Compared to Current Requirements
  1. This is a new area that replaces the current Health Care District, and includes a portion of the area that is now in the RES-2 zone. The goal is to ensure there is a targeted area within the by-pass in which offices and health care facilities are permitted, and at the same time, greatly reducing the amount of area in which such uses are now allowed. The current Residential II and Residential Growth zoning districts allow professional offices and health care facilities anywhere in the districts. It was deemed that this approach creates a potential for conflict with a number of residential areas, and that this approach results in office uses being scattered through-out the community rather than concentrated near the Hospital.
  2. Potential use of variable front setback requirement in limited areas.
  3. An increase in the amount of side and rear setback requirements for nonresidential structures; 15 feet is increased to 25 feet.
Other Issues & Ideas To Consider
1) Encourage extension of sidewalks, particularly on Wight St. Wight Street should be a high priority for new sidewalk construction.
2) Encourage extended pavement shoulders for main streets so such can also serve as bike lanes. The City has created this type of pavement shoulder on Northport Avenue, and a similar type of pavement shoulder could be appropriate for Wight Street.
3) Encourage planting of street trees.
4) Examine how stormwater is managed through-out the area. City often lacks adequate stormwater facilities. This is a significant neighbor-to-neighbor issue and could hinder the development of professional offices in the area. Relying mostly upon on-site stormwater management is both expensive and land consumptive for many uses.
5) Consider establishing better quality performance standards, particularly with respect to requirements regarding landscaping, lighting and noise, with the intent of minimizing the amount of conflict between nonresidential uses and residential uses which often are located side-by-side. Past concern has been raised at Planning Board public hearings regarding operations at Waldo County General Hospital.


Wayne Marshall ( This sender is in your contact list.
Sent: Fri 5/30/14 9:49 AM
Dear Ms. Allen
I am responding to your May 29 email to Sadie Lloyd, Assistant Planner.  I am the Department staff member that is working with the Planning Board to prepare Ordinance amendment associated with implementing the adopted Future Land Use Plan and all communications with our Department regarding this project should be directed to me.  I also have sent a CC to all persons that you indicated in your email.
I have attached the pages you requested from the adopted Future Land Use Plan for the proposed Residential 3 zoning district.  This Plan was adopted by the City Council.  You are welcome to stop by the office to review a copy of the complete adopted Plan if you would like.  It is too large of a file to email.  I also have taken the liberty of  providing you the current requirements in the adopted Zoning Ordinance for the Residential II zoning district, most of the current standards were adopted in 1985.
Also, as Councilor Mortier indicated in her May 27 email to you, the City Planning Board will soon be conducting public hearings regarding the proposed Ordinance amendments.  All hearings will be held at the Troy Howard Middle School cafeteria.  Interested persons can offer comment at the hearing or submit comment in writing or via email.  The Planning Board is responsible for preparing language for the proposed Ordinance amendment to implement the policy direction in the Future Land Use Plan.  The Planning Board will make recommendations to the City Council and the Council will conduct additional public hearings on the proposed Ordinance amendments.  Only the Council, at the City's legislative body, has the authority to adopt Ordinance amendments.
The dates of the Planning Board hearings are:
Proposed Residential 1 zoning district     -     June 25
Proposed Residential 2 and Residential 3 zoning districts - July 2
Proposed Downtown Commercial and Waterfront Mixed Use zoning districts - July 8
Our office will be sending notices to neighbors of the upcoming hearings in the respective zoning districts 14 days prior to the respective hearing.  As such, we all will be posting information on the City website 2 weeks in advance of the respective hearing.  As such, the notice to neighbors for the proposed Residential 2 and 3 zoning districts will be sent by June 18, and all information for these areas will be posted on the City website by that same date.
I note that our Department is continuing to prepare amendments to the draft proposals to reflect direction provided by the Planning Board and that we will not be posting the specific Ordinance amendment proposals until such are complete because we want to ensure that the information provided to the public reflects the actual recommendations of the Planning Board, and not a draft document that may not contain all accurate information.
Lastly, I will not be in the office next week so I will not be responding to any emails during that time.

Thank you for your interest.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 31, 2014 06:59

Comprehensive Plan is the extermination of Seaview Terrace. Just as I have been saying, slaughtering us to render our properties worthless and then they take it. Inverse Condemnation. City Planner, Wayne Marshall is painting the long established, ONLY single residence, 12 homes on Seaview Terrace as "Urban". While painting the "Urban" Wight Street as all single family. Not- has business's. Planning Board (prior Chairman for ever) Roger Pickering lives on Wight St! Marshall is pushing for sidewalks on Wight St. in this plan too. He is delaying public display of plan, claiming board is fine tuning and he is on vacation this week. Mary Mortier our ward Council and real estate agent is dodging questions. Plan is to manipulate the plan to the last minute, keep the public confused, fulfill legal responsibility for public hearing. And separate us.

Most of in-town going into new zone RI and will only be concerned with their setbacks and changes. Allowing for diversion as Wight St down to Janis Stone Interiors gets ripped out of residential, into Housing and Healthcare. Methadone Clinics could be a neighbor- 25 ft set back on half acre- 25 side. Four properties (of course the only ones with the City forced river running through them) on Seaview are available. CLEAR PLANS TO ERADICATE HOUSING ON SEAVIEW TERRACE. Regardless of legality. Proven corrupt again and again, sites approved not meeting conditions of approval. CASS the true slaughter to all residents in the watershed. Seaview is the first to be hacked and working their way in. They are moving the Public Works on Congress St., blowing tax dollars on City buildings, wants and business. Nothing for residents because they are squeezing us out.

STOP THEM NOW. PROTEST THE PLAN, YOU WILL BE NEXT. Lawsuits will bankrupt Belfast. The mil rate 25? Taxes, flood insurance in the bypass, schools mismanaged and in failure mode, who will buy? No one. Perfect for the takeover. Slow choke but deadly. Hear what I have been proving for 3 years. If this goes through, precedence is set. Save Seaview Terrace and you save yourself as well. The rest of the plan is paving the road to Germany. Intentional small print on line, I forced them to email me the R3 preliminary plan. Mary Mortier wouldn't help us.

Without immediate public outrage, email Slocum and Council- (cc me-, a business boycott on Belfast may become the focus. Businesses and recreation wants have been trampling over Seaview Terrace. Cruel and indecent greed while we are exterminated. Hospital is "likely" staying?? The Plan is set. This is pivotal. Delay is too late.





Goal: To provide an area in which health care facilities/offices and professional offices are recognized as a primary use, and to establish this area near Waldo County General Hospital.


Past, Current & Future Use


Waldo County General Hospital and the many physician offices that have developed near the Hospital are now the prime uses in this area. The Hospital underwent a significant expansion in the late 1990’s and continues to expand. It is one of the key reasons people, particularly retirees, from other areas in Maine and other states choose to live to Belfast. Other health care facilities, such as the Tall Pines Rehabilitation Center and Mid-coast Mental Health Services are also located in this area. The Hospital likely will remain a key part of the City’s fabric and it is important to allow reasonable opportunities for the development of new health care related facilities, particularly offices for physicians who want or need to be located near the Hospital. It is noted that these active uses generate considerably more vehicular traffic than residences, and such traffic could adversely affect the desirability of the area for future housing development.


While the Hospital is the primary use, housing remains a significant type of development in the area. Sea View Terrace is a long established urban neighborhood, and single-family residential housing remains the predominant use on Wight Street. Publicly supported housing, such as Penobscot Terrace, Coastal Enterprises, and Huntress Gardens, also is located in this area. While the City believes much of the current housing will remain, in the longer term, more of the current single family houses likely will be converted into professional offices, and some of the limited amount of available land may similarly be used for offices. The City believes it is appropriate to allow new housing in the area, and there is a limited amount of land along Wight Street to accommodate such, but it wants current and future residents in this area to recognize that a health care office or facility likely could become their neighbor.


The main goal for this area is to allow uses that support the delivery of health care services. Thus, it is important that the City ensure that other types of nonresidential uses, such as retail and non-health care service providers, not be permitted in this area. The City now allows such uses in many areas of Belfast, and the limited amount of land in this area is too critical to the primary goal to encourage other types of nonresidential uses.


The City views this area as a critical ‘Growth Area’ to support health care operations and facilities for Belfast and all of Waldo County. The area also can support limited amounts of residential growth.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 28, 2014 08:58

Plan rezones residential neighborhoods Wight St., Seaview Terrace down to Interiors by Janis Stone (Red house by-pass) to R3- HEALTHCARE AND HOUSES. 4 available tainted stream properties on Seaview Terrace are available for a methadone clinic, rehab, etc. Any could be a next door neighbor for this currently zoned residential area. Increasing the unethical, illegal slaughter 40+ years with this final kill. This one will be swift and done. Clearly this plan has been in motion for many years- City Council fully aware, participating and will be approving. Probably began around the time Councilor Nancy Hamilton sold out from this area and moved. I can't stop this alone. Click on 10E City Planner Wayne Marshall assuring the public can speak all they want, Council has the final say... So moved(Nancy's line), second(Eric's line), bang, bang by Mayor Ash, it's our end.

Councilor Mike Hurley asks the UU Pastor- Dean Perkins and Joel Krieger- First Church Co Pastor, to send more information. These men spoke at open to the public (#6 ff 9min.12 sec) promoting the international movement,Compassionate Action for communities. Joel describes it as "Treat all others as you wish to be treated yourself" Councilor Roger Lee is the treasurer with the UU Church.

What happened to Belfast? A twilight zone never ending episode of corruption and denial? It's coming to the end for many. No compassion action for the 4 years I've dedicated myself to spreading public awareness. Maybe, now? I hope.


5/20/14 Belfast Council Meeting. click 6 ff9:12 ,click 10E Comp. Plan Overview-calculated tenderizing for the final slaughter.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 21, 2014 10:10

R.T. Grant matching funds from private donations. Stay aware- grants are used as leaches to pass more spending for absolutely known's feigning unknown, now necessary as project is underway.

Be very aware of this Airport jargon. All the public input and public hearings cannot stop the corruption. The damning documents needed are locked up in City Hall, all corrupted plans, compliance conditions, zoning conditions, are manipulated, denied, with held... Freedom of Information is rhetoric and torture right up to the Attorney General's office. 35? meetings, 3 years of persistence in requesting the same documents and unannounced storm raids to City Hall. I scored enough documents to prove the HUGE wetalnds site, Capt Al Stevens School flew through corrupt approvals, DEP, Army Corp to local. Conditions of compliance were not met, engineer reports ordered were never done, allowing for illegal flooding to watershed residents private property. Neighbors suing each other, unable to stop the source- Belfast City Planning, Board, Manager and Council hiding behind the City Attorney with police protection in Council Meetings.

They float deceiving language and assurances. Vague responses, beliefs, opinions, volumes of rhetoric- nothing in writing. Get it in writing prior, record meetings, pictures, form your own committee, attorney and engineer independent of City Hall swaying. After is too late. An attorney would be sent down the same rabbit holes that I have been sent for basic public information. Take @ least 15k and torch it. The attorney has not even begun to produce one ethical step towards resolution. A wealthy resident in the MDI region had spent over 10 million in fees fighting development runoff to private property. Fighting them in their arena is a near death experience. The appeal process is the crowning caveat. You must appeal with in 30? days of approval. The nightmare hasn't even broke ground, may not for many months, and all those plans, documents, are buried, City Hall abusing the resident to no end, City Council taking part and taking the 5th when cornered.


1.All runoff forced to Seaveiw Terrace is illegal- there is NO NATURAL outlet. Began in 1970 and still adding to it. Constant destruction and flooding. A flood plain, flood zone, they should be diverting and protecting. Property taxes and flood insurance off the charts. The mil rate to hit 25 and abusing resdients, denying basic rights and infrastructure.

2.Zoning conditions for sites to remove plowed snow offsite- ignored. Destroying resident private property with melt. In 2009 it came crashing over Seaview Terrace- almost taking the car and wiping out the yard  @ 40 Seaview Terrace, confirmed by Belfast City Tax Assessor, Bob Whiteley. City Manager, Joe Slocum commented to me in 8/2011, that it could have knocked her house off it's foundation. She is fit but elderly and loved by many. A school mate of Bob Whiteley's wife. City Hall doesn't care- no compassion for their force drowning.

3.Corrupt zoning approval for abutting residence to Dr. Morrow. To sell that residence, Zoning and Planning forcefully attempted to resolve by forcing the violation run off to Dr. Morrow. City Hall and selling agent had zero conscience for Dr. Morrow, and the battle played out in televised Council Meetings. Dr. Morrow was forced to hire an attorney and engineer to protect her property from City Hall slaughter. 11/7/12 Belfast City Council- ff40 minutes, and watch 20 minutes of white collar bullying. It's insane. .

4. 48 Old Searsport Ave. purchased with assurance from City Planner, Wayne Marshall, that their waterfront view would remain. The lot in front was not build-able. After purchase, Wayne Marshall would approve a house to go up on that un-build-able lot. Legal illegal nightmare, community tainting, City Hall ruined more lives, crushing dreams and souls. Ruthless. The owner of that illegal house, would default- into foreclosure and moved to Florida...

5. Bridge Street resident may lose the last bit left of water view when the Front Street Shipyard builds the big one with flexible ordinances. Shady City Planning underway- resident told construction will not begin until an order for a massive yacht is received. SAY WHAT?? Right. That's a curtain for corruption to fly though approvals because an order is in house but no house to build it in. Potato head patterns are all over. Independent committee's are needed ASAP.

New video- The Slaughter March. We ain't seen nothing yet. Seems like a lot of homes are popping up for sale. Don't even get me going on the corrupt agents selling the undisclosed nightmares.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 19, 2014 14:08

Whoa- Slocum said this would be paid through fund raising- Grants usually require matching funds. Slocum tried to slip in 3 grants in the last meeting for more wants. Insanity. Not a care for our demise from their refusal to provide resident infrastructure. Any day can bring the from their corrupt planning, forcing runoff illegally to private properties, misusing tax dollars for their glory. Pitting neighbors against each other, some tainted by their wants causing and others to lose their homes/properties/value. How do good people become so callous? Greed. Do the Happy Dance and forget about us....

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