City of Belfast employee claims $100,000 scratch ticket winnings

By Ben Holbrook | Sep 13, 2012
Photo by: Ben Holbrook Norman Gilmore, right, holds his $70,000 check he  with Perry's Quik Stop employee Rose Knowlton, left, that he won Sunday, Sept. 9 after purchasing two scratch tickets.

Belfast — The disbelief still hasn’t completely worn off for City of Belfast Maintenance Manager Norman Gilmore who won $100,000 from a $5 scratch ticket.

At about 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 9, when Gilmore purchased two scratch tickets from Perry’s Quik Stop on Waldo Avenue in Belfast. As per his usual routine, Gilmore scratched the first ticket he purchased and won $200.

Gilmore was preparing to leave the store when he decided to scratch the second ticket, which he thought was a $50,000 winner.

“The symbols all matched up,” Gilmore said. “I turned to my friend and asked him if I was reading it right.”

Gilmore finished scratching the ticket and discovered he won an additional $50,000 — a total of $100,000.

“I couldn’t believe it. The most I had won before was $5,000 and that was nine years ago,” he said.

Rose Knowlton was the store clerk working that afternoon when Gilmore purchased his tickets and she said it’s the most money she’s seen someone win on a scratch ticket.

“He showed me the ticket and I ran it through the machine to verify it. I said, ‘Norman, it’s a winner,’” Knowlton said.

The next day, Gilmore went to work to attend to his daily duties as he waited for Administrative Assistant Jennika Lundy to arrive at City Hall, and told her he needed to go to Augusta to collect his winnings.

After taxes were deducted, Gilmore was given a check for $70,000, which he said he only recently decided what he wanted to do with the money. He said his girlfriend is leaving for a trip to Pennsylvania and he will be able to give her some extra spending money, and he intends to pay off a few loans.

“That should leave us some money that we can have fun with at Christmas,” Gilmore said.

Besides the excitement of winning a substantial amount of money, Gilmore said he was especially pleased he purchased the winning ticket at Perry’s Quik Stop, which storeowner Kevin Kenney agreed was a special moment for his business.

Kenney, who had just flown in from Los Angeles, Calif. Saturday, Sept. 8, said he was very pleased that Gilmore won the money because Gilmore is a regular customer in the store.

“It was awesome. What makes it more awesome is it’s a local, loyal customer,” Kenney said about Gilmore winning. “It just makes it all much sweeter.”

Since news of Gilmore’s winnings became public, Kenney said there is a lot of excitement in the store as customers and employees talk about what happened. As for Gilmore, he said he will continue to purchase scratch tickets, but doesn’t anticipate winning another large payout anytime soon.

“You’ll never see this again. It’s a good feeling that it finally happened,” he said.

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Posted by: April Small | Sep 14, 2012 10:02

Think this is an awesome thing!!! A REAL FEEL GOOD STORY... we need more of these.... Good things can happen for the everyday little guy!!! Congrats!! Norman!!!

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