Classic Handmade Overshot Weaving Pieces Sold at Lupine Cottage

By Lupine Cottage | Oct 13, 2017

Overshot  where

Overshot  weaving is where you have a background fabric and a pattern layer floating above this ground cloth. Member, Sandy Boynton, of Eddington hand weaves each piece. Her table runner would be perfect for a traditional Thanksgiving tale setting.

Photo is a M. A. Ostrander Runner (14”W x 47”L);  An Overshot pattern also called Double Orange Peel having a 100% Natural, 5/2 Mercerized Perle Cotton warp and a 80% merino 10% cashmere & 10% nylon weft in mainly variegated rust.  It is sport weight. The runner was woven on her 40”, 8Harness, AVL Home Loom.  The pattern was a 4 harness. The runner was finished with hemstitching.

Sold online at:

As sold at the Lupine Cottage store in East Belfast. Open until Christmas Eve, Monday -Saturday 10 to 6 and Sunday 10 to 3.

yo have a background fabric and a pattern layer

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