Closing Your Camp For The Summer?

By Seacoast Security | Sep 24, 2012

Summer is over.  Going “upta camp” was a lot of fun, but now it’s time to leave the woods and return home.  Many people worry about the things they leave behind: furniture, valuables, and even boats can be easily damaged or stolen when the owner is in another state.

At Seacoast Security, we know your valuables are important to protect while you’re away for a long period of time.  That is why we developed the SeaCatch™ Wireless Video Security System.  This system offers intrusion detection for cabins, remote sites, and temporary applications... Perfect for your little cabin in the Maine woods or up in the White Mountains!

Remote locations sometimes don’t have electrical power or phone connections.  SeaCatch™ is battery-powered and communicates through GSM, like your cell phone.  Not only can it operate off the grid, but it will also work in extreme temperatures, down to -20˚F.

The SeaCatch™ Wireless Video Security System includes:

  • Motion viewers
  • Control panel that can receive video from up to 25 motion viewers and will transmit a 10 second clip to the Seacoast security monitoring center via GSM or Internet
  • Remote arming keypad
  • Easy installation options

We want to stop crimes from happening... Not just document them.  Let us help you keep your summer home safe and secure.

Seacoast Security is a full-service company with over 80 friendly, knowledgeable staff, a fleet of service vehicles, and five offices in Maine and New Hampshire. For more information on security systems visit our websiteFacebook page or give us a call at (800) 654-8800.

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