CMP Bill Got You Down? Think Solar

By ReVision Energy | Sep 10, 2012
Courtesy of: ReVision Energy, LLC Watch your CMP meter spin backward with solar

Have you noticed a difference in your most recent Central Maine Power bill? Does it seem a bit higher than before?

That's because it is. Beginning July 1st, CMP, along with Bangor Hydro, upped their rates. The consequences of CMP’s $1.4 billion push to upgrade Maine’s electrical transmission lines will now be reflected in a hike in the rate for delivered electricity for nearly all customers in Maine.

According to an article published recently in the Portland Press Herald, customers from Bangor Hydro can expect delivery rate increases up to 4.5% and CMP customers can expect a delivery rate increase up to 7.1%.


The delivered cost of electricity is separate from the supply side of electricity. Delivery costs are associated with projects to maintain the grid, whereas supply is the actual raw energy that you use.

The good news for those with or considering solar electricity systems? Whenever the price of grid power goes up, the value of a solar electricity investment increases accordingly. With grid-tied solar electricity, you make power right from your rooftop when the sun is shining, rather than purchasing those watts from CMP.

For the last ten years, ReVision Energy has helped thousands of Mainers reduce their energy costs with solar energy systems. Right now a 30% federal tax credit and residential rebates from Efficiency Maine of up to $2,000 make the initial investment more affordable.

Curious about how to make a guaranteed ROI solar investment work for your house? Visit our website to learn more, call us at our office in Liberty at (207) 589-4171, or email Jennifer at

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