Cold weather saps car batteries

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Cold weather can be brutal on car batteries, for a couple of reasons, according to Popular Mechanics. The cold thickens the engine oil, making it more difficult for your engine to turn over and demanding more current from your battery. Unfortunately, the battery has less juice because the cold is also sapping the chemical reaction that it relies upon to produce electricity.

The large current demands required for the starter motor — 200 to 400 amps — can also cause the battery clamps to heat up if your post connection isn't good. The connection can cool and become loose after your car starts, preventing your battery from fully charging and potentially freezing it.

Ironically, while more cars won't start on cold winter mornings, more batteries actually fail during the summer months, when intense heat can literally boil the battery dry. Another common car problem can also be exacerbated in cold weather, flat tires. That’s because a tire will lose one pound of tire pressure for every 10-degree drop in temperature.


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