Collins’ statement on funding package being signed into law

By Sen. Susan Collins | Jan 08, 2021
Sen. Susan Collins

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, released this statement following President Trump's signing the COVID-19 relief- government funding omnibus into law. Sens. Collins and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., co-led the bipartisan, bicameral “908 Coalition” that developed the framework for the COVID-19 relief package.

“The President’s decision to sign the bipartisan COVID emergency relief bill into law is welcome news for the American people.

“The agreement that our bipartisan, bicameral group negotiated was the foundation for this much-needed assistance.  The law extends the Paycheck Protection Program I coauthored and allows our hardest-hit small businesses, such as restaurants and others in the hospitality sector, to receive a second forgivable PPP loan. This additional assistance will help prevent small businesses from having to shut their doors for good, allow them to continue paying their employees, and cover certain overhead costs, such as modifications to comply with public health guidelines.  A new program I authored with Congressman Jared Golden will also provide targeted assistance to loggers for the first time.

“The compromise also provides urgently needed housing, nutrition, and unemployment compensation to struggling families; appropriates additional funding for testing, vaccine distribution, and provider assistance to our stressed health care system; allocates funding for schools that have been challenged to operate safely in a COVID environment; assists the overwhelmed Postal Service; and provides assistance to our airlines, airports, mass transit, and bus and motor coach companies that keep our country moving.

“The package also fully funds our government through September 2021 and provides significant investments including strengthening our defense and assisting our veterans to providing funding for biomedical research and public health to supporting transportation and economic development programs that will help our country as we make progress to defeat the pandemic.”

Sen. Susan Collins, Republican, represents Maine in the U.S. Senate.



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Comments (4)
Posted by: Crawford L Robinson |

She should have been thrown out years ago. It seems the only thing that is right these days is the left.

Posted by: RALPH WALLACE |

Thank you, Senator Collins for a leadership job well done. The shameful left will never give credit where credit is due = No good deed shall go unpunished.

Posted by: George Terrien |

Bi-partisan seems to has come to signify that not too many oxen were gored, and a sufficient number were fed, well enough.  But maybe that has always been the way.  Let's get serious about keeping our servants out of the public larder, either directly, or as payback by those given access to our publicly-funded resources.  Get money--dark AND light--out of politics!

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll |

Senator Collins seems to have omitted several items worth noting from the $2.3 Trillion spending package recently enacted by a majority vote in Congress.  This bill puts everyone else first and the American people (who are paying for it) last.  It provides $1.4 trillion in increased Defense spending, Billions in "foreign aid" including $500 million to Israel, $169 million to Vietnam, $135 million to Burma, $85.5 million for Cambodia, $130 million to Nepal and oh by the way it also gives each American $600 bucks.  The President had asked for $2,000 each but Congress could not find the money to afford the additional expense.  This 5,593 page bill written overnight that no-one had the time to read was approved by a 359-53 vote in the house and 91-7 in the Senate.  So Mss. Collins and Mr. King I know these points may not seem important to you, but thought the American public might like to know what you all really think of them.

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