Conservation easement comes under new management

Nov 06, 2017
From left, front: Janet Redfield, landowner, and Ian Stewart, CMLT executive director; second row: Tina Lipmanowicz, landowner, Annette Naegel, GRLT director of conservation, Scott Dickerson, landowner, Alvin Chase, GRLT board president, John Gioia CMLT land protection coordinator; rear: Doug Sensenig, former CMLT executive director, and Jim Krosschell, CMLT board president.

Rockland — After 10 years of stewarding the conservation easement on the Dickerson-Redfield-Lipmanowicz property in Lincolnville, the Georges River Land Trust has assigned the easement to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

The purpose of the conservation easement is to permanently protect 120 acres of natural, agricultural, forestry and scenic resources, including prime farmland soils and mature forests, to sustain the availability for economically productive forestry and agriculture, emergent vegetated wetlands, perennial streams and riparian wetlands, and biological diversity. As a courtesy between the two coastal land trusts serving the Midcoast, Georges River Land Trust accepted the easement on this property along the southeastern base of Moody Mountain in Lincolnville in 2007, when Scott Dickerson, then the executive director of Coastal Mountains Land Trust, and his wife, Janet Redfield, made the donation.

GRLT agreed to take on all legal and stewardship responsibilities of holding this conservation easement outside of its normal service area and within CMLT’s service region, until Dickerson was no longer employed by CMLT. The parties met Oct. 13 on the conserved property to transfer the easement, retaining the commitment of long-term stewardship of the land and partnership with the landowners. This is one example of how the land trusts work together to support the shared vision of conserved lands in the Midcoast.

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