Conservative to the core — Americans should deplore shameful treatment of close ally

By Tom Seymour | Jul 31, 2014

As individuals and as a nation, our word should be our bond. But over the last few years, America’s word has become increasingly hollow and without substance. Our enemies scorn us, treating America with total disrespect. And our allies are fast learning that they cannot count upon us to keep our word.

Our failure to back up our red line drawn in the sand in Syria has painted us as quick to talk, but incapable or unwilling to act.

And now in the Ukraine, when we should be lending technical and material assistance, we stand by and watch Russia have their way with wanton disregard for the rule of law. Couple this with our promise to defend the region, along with our cancelling the previously agreed-upon missile-defense system scheduled for that region, and you have a case of atrocious behavior on our part.

But it all palls in comparison to our treatment of our ally and friend, Israel. This democracy, surrounded by dictatorships and barbaric regimes, has endured more than any other country could or should have. Rockets, launched by Hamas, a terror organization whose statement of purpose is to eliminate the state of Israel, have become a near-daily event.

These unprovoked rocket attacks have, by their very nature, disrupted life on a regular basis. And yet, Israel has done very little in the way of punitive responses. But that had to end sometime and that time has come.

Payback time

We might liken this situation to a schoolyard bully. The bully constantly picks on one individual, but that person does not respond. Over time, the person being bullied arrives at his breaking point and pounds the bully into submission. But instead of praising the gentle student for standing up for himself, the authorities disparage him for resorting to violence. Instead of giving him a gold star, they send him to detention. And that in a nutshell is what we are doing to one of our closest allies, Israel.

We, instead of making a stand for Israel in its time of crisis, scold that nation for being too aggressive. What if, for instance, Mexico had amused itself for the last several years by lobbing rockets into Texas? Would we sit idly by and try to placate the miscreants with pleas for reason? That’s not likely. We would send drones in and take out every vestige of whatever organization was attacking us.

And yet we chastise Israel for choosing the one option available to them, that being to take out the enemy’s ability to continue fighting. Secretary of State John Kerry criticized Israel for collateral damage caused by its response to rocket attacks from Hamas. And now, during his visit to Egypt, Kerry has announced that the U.S. will send $47 million to alleviate the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

So let’s examine this. We provided Israel with its Iron Dome missile defense system in order to protect them from enemies such as Hamas. And now that Israel is on the offensive, we gush over Hamas and chastise Israel.

Make no doubt of this. Israel must finish the job that it has begun. It must take out rocket launchers and their sites. It must root out the enemy in the illicit tunnels they use to infiltrate Israel and commit acts of terror. To stop now is not an option. And most Americans know that. But it seems the administration in Washington does not.

United Nations

The U.N. has also chosen to castigate Israel. Dr. Charles Krauthammer, on “Special Report with Bret Bair,” railed against the U.N., accusing them of not being forthcoming regarding Hamas rockets being discovered inside a Gaza school. The U.N., Krauthammer charged, discovered 20 rockets, but was hesitant to announce the discovery. When they finally owned up to it, Krauthammer said, the U.N. returned the rockets to the authorities in Gaza where, now, they can once again be used to kill Israelis.

And regarding the $47 million that the U.S. has pledged to help with the situation in Gaza, Krauthammer opines that the money will, instead of helping refugees and wounded civilians, go toward, “…concrete and tunnels and in the making of new rockets.”

Charles Krauthammer, by the way, is one of the most respected, learned and indeed, accurate conservative political analysts of our time.

Netanyahu responds

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also appeared on “Special Report,” and was quick to defend his country’s actions. But instead of commenting, when asked, on John Kerry’s hot-mike comments deprecating Israel’s “pinpoint operation,” Netanyahu offered his own experiences in war and in battle. Netanyahu said, “…when you take a surgical operation, you can’t guarantee when your soldiers are being fired upon from Hamas homes and you hit them back, of course some people are going to be hurt. That’s totally different from deliberately targeting them.” Netanyahu also said that while Israel does not want civilian casualties, Hamas wants to “pile up as many civilian deaths as possible.”

That, of course, makes Israel look like the bad guy and the Obama administration along with the mainstream news media as well as the U.N., have apparently taken the bait. The worst part of this is that Israel warned civilians of their intent, telling them to leave so as to avoid harm. Israel texted them, called on cell phones and even dropped leaflets. And in turn, Hamas told the civilians to remain at home. But still, everyone blames Israel.

Mr. Netanyahu strikes this writer as a solid, honest man. His cool, soft-spoken manner is direct and to the point, with no equivocation. A recent news photo of Netanyahu sitting in conference with President Obama was worth 1,000 words. Obama looked stiff and uncertain, while Netanyahu was relaxed and yet authoritative. If I didn’t know who these men were, I’d instantly trust Netanyahu and be wary of Obama. Body language says a lot.

The future

Mr. Netanyahu had it right when he said he was certain that the American people knew who the good guys and the bad guys were in this conflict. As a Christian, I’m well aware of the biblical injunction regarding the dire consequences in store for any nation that harms Israel. But even discounting spiritual and religious matters, there should be no doubt about our best and only course of action regarding our relationship with Israel. We must support them. We have only so few true, honest allies. And besides that, we share a common enemy. The people who denounce and seek to annihilate Israel have only loathing and contempt for us as well. Israel’s enemy is our enemy. It’s time we accept that and act accordingly.

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