Contemporary artist speaks as researcher, activist

Nov 06, 2019
Catherine Clinger

Belfast — On Saturday, Nov. 16, from 3 to 4 p.m. at Old Professor's Bookshop, 99 Main St., Catherine Clinger presents the work of artists worldwide whose works, in response to environmental and social crises, manifest as Socially Engaged Art.

In the role of “researcher,” these artists create works depicting social pathologies from climate change to gender and race issues. Dr. Clinger will describe a contemporary stream of visual culture that places nature, ethos, competing ideologies, and our relationship to these within the context of emergent forms of art activism.

Clinger is the Allen Stone Chair in the Visual Arts at College of the Atlantic. She is an artist and art historian who has taught extensively at the university level, and is a Master Printmaker of Intaglio and Relief and Founder of Hexenspuk Press, New Mexico.

Clinger's interest in art as an instrument of social engagement is evident in her activities before moving to Maine. Throughout her career as an artist and scholar, she demonstrated a commitment to developing, piloting, and participating in efforts to bring a wider range of human ecological awareness and action in the communities where she has taught. To give one example, during time as a graduate student at the University of New Mexico, she joined in the Sanctuary Movement, working to stem the restrictive immigration policies that targeted Central American asylum seekers.

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