Council votes in new public parking lot rules

By Kendra Caruso | Feb 25, 2020
Courtesy of: City of Belfast Belfast City Council has approved new winter overnight parking rules for three city lots, as depicted on these charts.

Belfast — City Council approved new overnight parking rules for three city lots to help Public Works better plow snow in the winter. Councilors said previous rules were hard to follow and Public Works officials had to make several trips to clean up snow after storms.

The new rules limit the number of spaces that can be used for overnight parking, midnight to 6 a.m., from Nov. 1 through April 30, based on even- and odd-numbered days of the month. City Manager Joe Slocum developed a graphic that shows yellow- and green-shaded parking spaces that correspond with certain days. He presented the images at the council’s Feb.18 meeting.

On even-numbered days, Beaver Street has 20 available spaces, Cross Street has 10 spaces and Washington Street has 20 spaces for overnight parking. On odd days, Beaver Street has 18 spaces, Cross Street has 16 spaces and Washington Street has 20 spaces.

If available overnight spaces fill up and a car is parked outside the designated area for that night, the city can ticket or tow the car. The rules are in place during good and bad weather and cars must be moved daily, according to Slocum.

City Councilor Mike Hurley objected to a previous version of the plan, but said that after he met with Slocum and Public Works Director Bob Richards, they agreed upon a slightly revised version that allowed a few more overnight parking spaces.

The new parking rules are expected to go into effect at the beginning of April.


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Posted by: BELFAST CITY HALL | Feb 28, 2020 10:54

correction noted... thank you!


Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Feb 25, 2020 19:02

The article, the street signs at both ends of the street, and online maps show it as Washington STREET. The maps above show Washington AVE.  Details do matter, especially if we are doing "planning?"

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