Couple charged with having drugs; endangering juveniles

By Fran Gonzalez | Feb 12, 2020
Source: File photo

Stockton Springs —

While serving a warrant for failure to appear, state troopers discover drugs, guns and drug paraphernalia at a Stockton Springs home.

According to a police affidavit, on Feb. 8, state troopers went to the residence of Gail A. Curtis, 36, who was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear in court stemming from an operating after habitual offender revocation charge in September 2019.

Once in the residence, troopers observed an "open track mark on her (Curtis') left arm" and two scoped rifles leaning against the bedroom wall by the bed. Also discovered on the dresser were plastic bags containing white powder, "easily in reach of any of the three juveniles at the residence."

Troopers said they saw small plastic bags with "1/4" written on them, along with a small 1-inch-by-1-inch zip-closed bag.

Curtis stated the bags belonged to her boyfriend, Rodney Damon, 40, who also lives at the residence and that they contained fentanyl, while the small bag contained methamphetamine. Curtis said she had methamphetamine pipes in her purse and on the bedroom nightstand.

The Department of Health and Human Services Child Protective Services Unit responded and a search warrant was issued.

Records indicated that Damon had a police record involving an assault in 2017. When he arrived at the residence, troopers immediately took him into custody. While in the cruiser, Damon said the fentanyl in the residence was his and that he was fronted the drug to sell. He said there might also be a small amount of methamphetamine and paraphernalia in the residence.

Damon was charged with two counts of unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs, while Curtis was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

Curtis was released on $100 cash bail, and Damon was released on $250 cash bail.  Both are prohibited from using alcohol or illegal drugs and are to submit to searches. A March 10 court date was set for both.

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