Courier to roll VStv into VillageSoup by New Year

Nov 06, 2017

Rockland — Courier Publications LLC announced Nov. 6 that it would be rolling VStv into its VillageSoup internet platforms and relocating the Rockport studio to its Rockland offices. The move recognizes the rapidly shifting viewing habits of the general public and the need to more closely integrate video with its print and online businesses.

Owner Reade Brower explained, “The days of drawing a hard line between what we offer in print, online, video or on social media are long gone. Our customers want it in multiple formats on a 24/7 basis. So our content teams need to be fluid in not just print, online and video production but also social media. And with all the advances in technology and video equipment, it’s much more practical to have everyone in one office where they can literally step out from behind the byline to being in front of the camera.”

Brower added, “Traditional broadcast through cable has always been hard to measure for our advertisers. Another trend is that younger viewers in particular are ‘cutting the cord’ and watching twice as much video online than on traditional television. The ability to watch via mobile devices is also having a huge impact on our business.”

Courier Publisher Bryan Gess stressed that customers can expect to see a much more robust selection of videos throughout VillageSoup: “When we’ve finished the transition, it should look and feel very similar to the best news sites out there from a content and customer service standpoint.”

VStv was launched in May 2015 as the Midcoast region’s first full-service, stand-alone television station on Time Warner (now Spectrum) Channel 88. It’s now available on multiple video platforms, including LCI 13, MaineCoast 7, Belfast Community TV 2, ROKU, and streaming 24/7 at

Initially, it had a very ambitious schedule, offering daily morning and evening news, weather and sports. It also featured five locally-produced weekly shows, including Nosh, Above the Fold, Soup du Jour, Sports Fix and Wildfire. More recently, in May 2017, VStv introduced “Midcoast Today,” a one-hour daily show.

Courier expects to begin the relocation immediately with a goal of completing the transition by January 2018.

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