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Distinct Midcoast flavor for Camden Hills Invitational

Windjammers Trapani, Love-Webb earn firsts, Brunswick tops team competition
By Ken Waltz | Oct 09, 2016
Photo by: Mark Haskell Runners from Medomak Valley, in dark blue, Oceanside, in light blue, and Camden Hills, in red, take off during the start of the boys race during the Camden Hills Invitational high school cross-country meet on Oct. 7 in Rockport.

Rockport — Nearly 100 student-athletes competed in the annual Camden Hills Invitational, a high school cross-country meet, on Friday, Oct. 7 as part of the weekend's Windjammers' homecoming celebration.

And the hosts, along with other Midcoast runners, experienced strong success as the top individual finishers were Camden Hills' Emma Trapani in the girls race and Caleb Love-Webb in the boys race as the two covered the 3.1-mile, or 5-kilometer, course the fastest.

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Brunswick swept to the team wins.

The girls team scores were: Brunswick 37, Morse of Bath 41, Camden Hills 45, Belfast, Medomak Valley, Islesboro and Oceanside no score.

The boys team scores were: Brunswick 31, Camden Hills 51, Morse 81, Belfast 82, Medomak Valley 111, North Haven and Oceanside no score.

The individual girls results were: 1, Emma Trapani, CH, 19:50.69; 2, Sydney McCarren, Mor, 20:21.53; 3, Micaela Ashby, Bruns, 20:59.83; 4, Kelsea Albertson, Mor, 21:26.09; 5, Isabella Pols, Bruns, 21:34.42; 6, Alli Wells, CH, 21:35.54; 7, Lauren Rothwell, CH, 21:48.84; 8, Caitlin Kelly, Bruns, 22:08.76; 9, Zoe Deans, Bel, 22:37.65; 10, Jenny Wilbraham, Mor, 22:45.53; 11, Kirah Despres-Bowman, Bruns, 23:15.53; 12, Serena Blasius, Med, 23:41.00; 13, Desiree Tanner, Bruns, 23:52.79; 14, Lorelei Pryor, Mor, 23:52.85; 15, Kathleen Koval, Bruns, 24:04.31; 16, Isabel Doran, Mor, 24:12.68; 17, Maddie Holt, CH, 24:17.91; 18, Acadia Calderwood, Isles, 24:45.40; 19, MiAe DeWaard, CH, 24:59.31; 20, Whitney Durgin, Mor, 24:59.70; 21, Gia Davilla, Bel, 25:22.17; 22, Emily Coffin, Bruns, 25:26.16; 23, Katherine Dailey, CH, 25:30.83; 24, Rowan Walsh, Bel, 25:33.61; 25, Hope Bifulco, CH, 25:37.27; 26, Natalie Owre, CH, 25:47.33; 27, Tara O'Donovan, Bel, 26:02.29; 28, Martha Foushee, Bruns, 26:05.77; 29, Arami Britos, CH, 26:34.74; 30, Nicole Demmons, Med, 26:40.32; 31, Sadie Cameron, CH, 28:49.27; 32, Molly Davis, Ocean, 29:07.75; 33, Samantha Brown, Mor, 31:18.60; 34, Mallory Caron, CH, 32:05.86; and 35, Camryn Skinner, CH, 32:05.86.

The individual boys results were: 1, Caleb Love-Webb, CH, 17:47.71; 2, Will Shaughnessy, Bruns, 17:49.17; 3, Cameron Ashby, Bruns, 17:50.31; 4, Trevor Iltis, CH, 18:08.95; 5, Andrew Chingos, Bruns, 18:09.56; 6, Ricky Smith, Bel, 18:20.13; 7, Alex Wicks, Mor, 18:26.99; 8, Isaiah Potter, Med, 18:31.29; 9, Ben Willertz, Mor, 18:33.62; 10, Daniel Lyons, Bruns, 18:44.21; 11, Hunter Parker, Bruns, 18:47.64; 12, Brendan Moline, Bel, 18:51.25; 13, Ethan Berdeja, CH, 18:54.51; 14, Makail Tipton, Mor, 18:56.26; 15, Timothy Smith, Bel, 19:02.36; 16, Sam Poutasse, CH, 19:19.33; 17, Simon Fedarko, CH, 19:32.99; 18, Jonah Marks, Med, 19:45.47; 19, Hayden Thibeault, CH, 19:55.74; 20, Tyler Bowman, Med, 20:01.04; 21, Colin Stewart, CH, 20:07.20; 22, Leo Kalajian, CH, 20:07.57; 23, Will Karod, CH, 20:07.86; 24, Joseph Potter, Bel, 20:18.53; 25, Forrest Blakenship, Bruns, 20:29.31; 26, Nick DeRosa, Bruns, 20:34.82; 27, Chris Tucker, Bruns, 20:52.44; 28, David Poutasse, CH, 21:08.08; 29, Devin Hutcheson, CH, 21:08.34; 30, Alex Spearin, CH, 21:10.07; 31, Tyler Bodeen, Mor, 21:13.61; 32, Chipper Simpson, Mor, 21:35.59; 33, Tyler Bartlett, Bel, 21:43.91; 34, Hunter Hoskins, CH, 21:48.53; 35, Patrick Corcoran, Ocean, 21:49.21; 36, Gabe Wright, CH, 21:55.02; 37, Valur Fannar, Mor, 21:55.64; 38, Nathaniel Morsey, Bel, 22:14.63; 39, Jonathon Duso, Bel, 22:17.48; 40, Gary Moline, Bel, 22:17.68; 41, Danila Borodaenko, CH, 22:20.23; 42, Aaron Fuller, Bel, 22:43.93; 43, Adam Bifulco, CH, 22:50.62; 44, Ben Hinds, MOR, 23:12.25; 45, Austin Gonzales, NH, 23:33.01; 46, Nick Doran, CH, 23:40.27; 47, Matthew Young, Ocean, 23:46.89; 48, Noah Thomas, Bel, 23:47.85; 49, James Belanger, Bruns, 23:54.08; 50, Griffin Tibbitts, Mor, 24:09.45; 51, Austin Egan, CH, 24:25.37; 52, Nick Cammelieri, CH, 24:28.87; 53, Josh Saucier, CH, 24:35.28; 54, Drew Bubar, Med, 24:37.90; 55, Jack Lawrence, CH, 24:53.09; 56, Jonah Carlson, Ocean, 25:31.28; 57, Michael Arvidson, CH, 25:34.61; 58, Alex Mahar, Ocean, 25:43.21; 59, Chris King, Bel, 26:48.67; 60, Sam Goscinski, Bel, 27:01.73; 61, Aidan Confer, Bruns, 30:54.51; 62, Patrick Conlon, Bel, 32:06.82; and 63, Edwin Stone, Med, 33:56.40.

Belfast runners, along with others, start the boys race. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Belfast's Ricky Smith, right, and Brendan Moline. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Belfast's Chris King, left, and Oceanside's Alex Mahar. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Caleb Love-Webb, left, Belfast's Ricky Smith, middle, and Brunswick's Will Shaughnessy and Cameron Ashby among the early leaders. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills and Oceanside runners on the course. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Trevor Iltis, left, and Belfast's Ricky Smith. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Colin Stewart, Leo Kalajian and Will Karod, along with Belfast's Joseph Potter. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
North Haven's Austin Gonzales. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Runners, including those from Belfast and Medomak Valley, take off at the start of the girls race. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Emma Trapani, middle, and Alli Wells, right, among others. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Emma Trapani (133), Alli Wells and Lauren Rothwell, right, along with Medomak Valley's Nicole Demmons and Belfast's Zoe Deans, left, among others. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Belfast's Emily Jolliffe, left, and Zoe Deans, along with Medomak Valley's Nicole Demmons and Serena Blasius. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Medomak Valley's Serena Blasius, left. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Maddie Holt. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Kaitlyn Kessel, right, and Oceanside's Molly Davis. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Emma Trapin. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Lauren Rothwell. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Medomak Valley's Serena Blasius. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Islesboro's Acadia Calderwood, front. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' MiAe DeWaard. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Katherine Dailey. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Belfast's Tara O'Donovan. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Arami Britos. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Medomak Valley's Nicole Demmons. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
Camden Hills' Camryn Skinner, left, and Mallory Caron. (Photo by: Mark Haskell)
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