Do you have a stone foundation? Shotcrete could be your answer!

By Pro-Concrete Inc. | Oct 19, 2012

Shotcrete is a high strength concrete that is "shot" onto a vertical surface using compressed air, sometimes referred to as "Gunite". It's best described as a "heavy duty mortar job".

Shotcrete is commonly used in commercial applications. A rebar mat, often with welded wire mesh as well is tied and placed vertically to reinforce and define the structure. It is also used in zoos and aquariums to construct rock formations for under water tanks or displays and to construct concrete pools.

How does this apply to Midcoast Maine residents? Shotcrete is one of the few remedies other than replacement for old and deteriorating field stone, granite or a hodge podge of everything foundations. With so many older homes in this area, Shotcrete is a popular solution. Shooting the high strength concrete allows for penetration into the nooks, cranies and voids of the foundation. This locks the stones together, improving the structural integrity of the foundation and also blocks air infiltration. An average of 2" is placed on the surface of the foundation, but the use of the air compressor allows the concrete to be forced into the voids and therefore locking everything together.

The surface can be smoothed out and then a waterproofing product such as Thuroseal  or a sprayed on membrane can be applied to help block out moisture. This process also helps tremendously with drafts and keeping pesky rodents from crawling through the open voids in your foundation. This application can transform your entire basement.

It is best to improve your foundation from the exterior addressing any drainage and grade issues simultaneously, but this is not always possible due to landscaping, decks, patios etc already in place. Shotcrete can be applied on the interior of stone foundations and is commonly done in addition to interior drainage work and new basement slabs.

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