Do you have some rocks you can give us for this bean hole?

Photo by: Maynard Stanley Bean Hole at the Old Homestead in Owl's Head.

At the Mussel Ridge Historical Society’s 2011 annual picnic we christened our new rocked hole for baking with Maynard Stanley cooking his famous bean hole baked beans.  They were great, but the hole needs a few more rocks to make it cook perfectly.

So we need two things – rocks and someone to finish placing them in the hole.  If you are able to help with either, please call Carolyn Philbrook at 596-7803.  This year’s picnic will be held on July 22nd so we need the work done by then.

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Posted by: Ronald E Dyer | Jun 25, 2012 14:08

My family bought alot of beanhole beans every Saturday night from the Mormons up on the Old County Road when they were cooking and selling them to raise money to build their church back in the late 60 or early 70s.

Posted by: Bonnie Post | Jun 24, 2012 23:09

Luckily they are unlikely to be in the same category in any tasting contest. They were great, but we need a little more work on the walls to make a perfect place to cook the beans.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jun 23, 2012 17:07

MMMMMMMMM!! Can taste them now. Nothing better; though a close second is Dorman's ice cream. :)

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