Does Your Roof Need A Good Cleaning?

By Horch Roofing | Sep 10, 2012

Are lichen and mold taking over your roof? It's probably time to have your roof cleaned. Shingles need baths too.

Horch Roofing can rid your roof of these pesky plants with a power sprayer and a mild chemical solution. While the solution is mild, it's purpose it to kill lichen, which is plant material.  If your home doesn't have gutters, it can run into the plants in your garden and around your house and harm them.

In these cases, we recommend using a power spray in conjunction with zinc strips; zinc strips are small metal strips applied to the top row of shingles so that when rainwater falls, the water reacts with the zinc to inhibit the growth of moss and lichen. Most modern shingle granules are treated with zinc; however, zinc strips can be helpful in extreme-problem areas, like under heavy tree cover or areas that stay damp.

Let us help keep your roof clean and happy!

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