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Drinkwater students celebrate Earth Day in June

Jul 01, 2019
Courtesy of: Gene Randall Drinkwater students explore tide pools on the school's Penobscot Bay shoreline during their Earth Day celebration in June.

Northport — On a beautiful spring day June 10, naturalist educator Cloe Chunn and 21 Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition volunteers led Edna Drinkwater School students through a belated but enthusiastic celebration of Earth Day.

BBWC volunteers rotated students through various study areas: butterflies, tide pools, skulls and bones, sun power, spiders, inhabitants of vernal pools, student-enacted eco-skits conveying information about animal migration, and story time, a magically "propped" oral explanation of photosynthesis and summer solstice.

In the tidal pools, students classified specimens according to edibility (mussels, clams and periwinkles) or not (green crabs, "bleh" and invasive). In skulls and bones, all had a chance to touch, feel and learn about herbivore versus carnivore jaws.

Students already versed in monarch butterfly life stages learned that the butterflies all have strong magnetic components in their front antennae, drawing them to one particular mountain area in Mexico during their annual migration.

In sun power, students tried out the fourth-grade solar powered cars, made sun prints — the earliest form of photography, and used easily constructed solar ovens to heat food.

Students constructed spider webs (orbs, funnels, triangles) out of sticks and yarn and stacked drying racks full of paintings of turtles, frogs and salamanders that inhabit our vernal pools in the springtime.



A Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition naturalist teaches Drinkwater students about skulls and bones during their June 10 Earth Day celebration. (Courtesy of: Gene Randall)
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