Drivers walk away from dramatic crash involving house

House partially protected by concrete blocks in yard
By Ethan Andrews | Sep 29, 2017
Photo by: Ethan Andrews Belfast Police Officer Rick Smith talks to the owner of a home on Route 137 that was damaged in a two-vehicle crash Sept. 29. In the background, emergency workers attempt to get the driver out of the overturned van pinned between a pickup truck and the side of the house.

Belfast — Occupants of two vehicles apparently escaped severe injury after a dramatic crash Sept. 29 that left a van hanging upside-down under the eaves of house that was evidently equipped for just such an event.

Police said the driver of the van, Teresa Lindsey, 58, of Fletchers Landing Township, with passenger Joshua Grey, 33, was traveling south on Head of the Tide Road (Route 7). After stopping at the intersection of Route 137 next to Bowen's Tavern, she attempted a left turn and pulled into the path of Adam Lee, 39, of Benton, who was driving a Lucas Tree Service pickup west on Route 137.

"She thought she had enough time, but she didn't," Belfast Police Officer Rick Smith said.

The collision sent both vehicles toward the southwest corner of the intersection. Lindsey's van flipped over and was pinned by the tree service pickup to a house on the corner of Route 137 and Shepard Road, which intersects Route 137 roughly across from Head of the Tide Road.

Lee and Grey, who was identified by police as Lindsey's son, were out of their vehicles when emergency workers arrived. Grey exited through the front windshield of the van, according to a worker at Bowen's Tavern, who came out immediately after the crash.

Lindsey was trapped until emergency workers could remove the van's passenger side door with the Jaws of Life. She walked briefly after she was freed from the van, then was put on a stretcher and taken to a waiting ambulance.

The house on the corner was damaged but probably spared from worse by a cordon of concrete blocks placed around the perimeter of the yard. Smith said the homeowner, who declined to speak directly to The Republican Journal, referred to the last severe accident as having happened in the late 1970s, with the blocks installed sometime later.

As of Oct. 3, police had not pressed charges in relation to the crash.

A first responder talks to the driver of a van that was struck by a pickup on Route 137 and pinned to the corner of a house. Emergency workers would later cut off the passenger door of the car to free the driver. (Photo by: Ethan Andrews)
First responders on Sept. 29 work to free the driver of a van that was flipped over and pinned to a house after colliding with a pickup truck on Route 137. (Photo by: Ethan Andrews)
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Posted by: from the kitchen | Sep 30, 2017 04:33

"She thought she had enough time". Seeing more and more of this people cutting other people off. She earned it.

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