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Visual Election Sep 11, 2020

Election 2020 - Lisa Savage - Candidate: United States Senator

Savage, the only non-millionaire in the race for US Senate

We met with Green Independent Lisa Savage, who is running for U.S. Senate against three other candidates including Incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democrat Sarah Gideon.

Savage said she is the only candidate in the race who is not a multi-millionaire and added she will not take campaign contributions from any corporations, so will be free from any influence if elected.

Savage has been a school teacher throughout her career and a union negotiator for her fellow teachers. She seeks healthcare for all and access to higher education for young people that does not put them in debt. The candidate argues funding for social programs could be taken from what the government spends on the Pentagon now. In addition, she calls for income tax reform that would have the rich paying more to fund services for their communities.

Also running are Collins, who has served as U.S. Senator since 1997, Gideon, who is Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, and Max Linn, a Bar Harbor businessman.

Republicans hold a six-seat advantage in the Senate, according to the Portland Press Herald.

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Posted by: Dennis White | Sep 13, 2020 21:16

Another recognition? The lady is past president of the Code Pink organization.

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