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Visual Election Sep 28, 2020

Election 2020 - Susan Collins - Candidate: United States Senate

Sen. Susan Collins said she represents a moderate and bipartisan approach to politics, citing as an example her work on the paycheck protection bill that has protected 250,000 state jobs. She also explained why she will not vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee before the election.

“We need more people in Washington who represent a common sense, centrist approach to dealing with the problems of our country,” the Republican said. “I have demonstrated over the years that this is the approach I have followed, and it has borne great results for our state and country.”

She spoke with pride about her work in dealing with the 2013 government shutdown, intelligence reform following the 9/11 attacks, and more recently, her work to co-author the paycheck protection program to respond to the economic devastation caused by the pandemic.

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