Energy Efficient Wood Burning Stoves That Look Like Fireplaces!

Traditional fireplaces offer little efficiency because much of the heat goes up and out the chimney. Want a fireplace and efficiency?  Consider an EPA Fireplace!

 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines require that new appliances produce little smoke and ash and require less firewood. 

Think of an EPA fireplace as built in high efficiency wood stove. To create the fireplace appearance you are basically framing an area to contain the unit and the manufactured chimney system and then you complete the installation with optional facing materials of your choice for the look you wish to achieve. The total cost of the installation is usually significantly less than building a traditional fireplace and the end product is a clean burning and highly efficient system.  

What are the differences between an EPA Fireplace and a traditional site built masonry fireplace?

  • EPA Fireplaces are NOT designed to be operated burning open-although some do have a screen option for occasional use.
  • EPA Fireplaces do NOT require a footing or special floor reinforcement and can be installed on any floor,
  • EPA Fireplaces do NOT require any masonry-although some may be installed to an approved masonry flue and masonry materials are often used as fascia and accent.
  • Some EPA Fireplace Models CAN duct heat to other areas of a home.
  • Some EPA Fireplace Models CAN operate on a thermostat.
  • Some EPA Fireplace Models CAN achieve over night burn times. 

NOTE: EPA Fireplaces should not be confused with the more common open burning manufactured fireplaces. These open burning units are designed as casual use fireplaces and not to be used as heating units. Check with local authorities and always follow the manufacturer’s installation specifications. 

There is a link to one of our manufacturer’s of EPA Fireplaces.

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