By Nancy-Linn Nellis | Sep 19, 2012

Mitt Romney has said that 47% of us feel we are "entitled" to certain things - such as S.S. ; Medicare; Medicaid; health care (not the best in this world( etc.
Aren't we the people that fought WW11 - that worked our asses off to become independent and never go on the dole - that qualifiy for Medicare and SS because we paid into it?
Aren't we the people that have made this land a safer and better place to live?  that have idealisms and followed thru on them - that created businesses - cottage industries , factories - worked in them and helped bring this beautiful land wrongly called America into fruition?
Aren't we the women that became Rosie the Riveter when the men went to war -WW1 - then WW2 - then Korea?  - and then VietNam - which was our longest war at that time - and now - where are we?   10 years into more than 1 war - everything going backwards and we are called = "Entitlements who think we DESERVE to live off the Government?
Guess what we have contributed to life in the US and in the world - means absolutely zero - we are nothing - we don't have money stashed in the Caymens or on Guernsey Island .   We are NOTHINGS - and Mitt the Twitt says he isn't concerned about us.
So - what is he concerned about?  Making more money to stash in foreign places so that he doesn't pay taxes on them??????   Growing Big Business into BIGGER BUSINESSES so that we , the people, literally have no say in anything at all. ?  The Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are people - and in doing so, they now allow China, Russia, Lybia - you name it - those countries, friends and foes - now have more power in the U.S. and in voting than you and I have.  They - those foreign countries, set up a faux Corp. in Delaware - and then they pour zillions of bucks into the Super Pacs and take control over who gets elected into our Congress - they take control over who makes the laws and how the laws are made.
Think about it.
Sorry - I get so damned angry - I didn't have a silver spoon put in my mouth - I have worked every damned day since I was 16 - to get where I am.
Wealthy - NO - doing well - YES - go on the dole - NO - don't have to because God gave me some brains, the thirst for knowledge and the method in which to achieve it.
God helps those that help themselves!!!!!!!!  Truer words were never said!
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