Everything You Should Consider When Buying Pure Cashmere Scarves

By Frank Coutinho | Jul 26, 2018
Photo by: Lorami

We are nearing the end of summer 2018 and this means that winter is coming soon! Winter is all about hot chocolates by the fireplace and wearing soft cashmere sweaters and scarves and looking like a style icon every day! This is one of the best things about winters; you can wear layers and layers of clothing to keep warm but only add one Scottish cashmere scarf to your look and you will straightaway look fashion-ramp ready!


Buying best cashmere scarves

There are many fabric options for the winter; wool, cotton and velvet but the most favoured fabric is cashmere! Cashmere is the finest most kind of wool. It is supreme quality, keeps you warm and looks super stylish too! But buying a good and decent black cashmere scarf can be a tricky thing only because it is not easy to spot real and 100% authentic cashmere these days. You could be paying the price of an original thing but you might get fake cashmere in return. This happens when you are not able to spot the real thing.


What to consider when buying 100 percent cashmere?

So now here’s the thing. You can buy 100 percent cashmere and be sure to purchase the right quality only if you know what you should be considering when buying the right cashmere. There is a basic guideline that you must follow in order to make the right choice. We are making things easier for you by putting together a basic buying guide.


1. Check out the label or tag

The first thing that you need to do to make sure you are buying the authentic pure cashmere is to check out the label or tag. You need to check for the ratio or percentile of cashmere written over the label. The official commission for trade supervises these label placements. You should be buying only those products that come with 100% cashmere written over it. Anything less than 100% has mixed quantities of other fabric in it that you cannot determine.


2. Consider colors

Another very important thing that you need to take into consideration is the colour. Since cashmere is the finest kind of wool, it is dyed in order to make it look like a preferred colour. The dying process actually makes most cashmere products brighter in colours than pale or light shades. This is another helpful factor that can help you make a perfect choice.


Cashmere scarves are elegant, trendy and comfy. There aren’t a lot of reasons that you wouldn’t want to get one. Go to our Lorami website today to go through amazing collections of Scottish cashmere scarf and enjoy the winters like one is supposed to!

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