Fallen tree blocks Shore Road in Northport

By Ben Holbrook | Aug 28, 2012
Photo by: Ben Holbrook A tree that appeared to be cut fell across Shore Road in Northport Tuesday, Aug. 28.

Northport — Northport Fire Department responded to a tree that fell onto Shore Road Tuesday, Aug. 28.

The fallen tree was reported shortly after 3 p.m. and Northport firefighter Herman Littlefield said he initially thought a thunderstorm earlier in the afternoon might have caused it to come down. However, after inspecting the scene, Herman said it appeared the tree was cut down.

Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton, of the Waldo County Sheriff's Office, said a landowner hired an arborist the previous month to cut some trees; however, the landowner was unsure if the arborist cut the tree that fell into the road.

Trafton said the cut was about a month old because the sawdust around the tree was consistent in age with sawdust around other trees that were cut in the area.

No charges are expected to be filed, Trafton said.

Littlefield said the tree would be left alone until a Waldo County Sheriff’s deputy arrived to investigate the scene.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Republican Journal reporter Ben Holbrook can be reached at 338-3333 or at bholbrook@courierpublicationsllc.com.

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Posted by: wellington dunbar | Aug 31, 2012 08:34

The three postings attributed to Susan Brown were written by me, Ralph Stanley. They are solely my observations and opinions.

Posted by: wellington dunbar | Aug 31, 2012 08:32


Posted by: wellington dunbar | Aug 30, 2012 20:02

Sorry but there was no arborist. Who was the arborist if he says there was. Owner has been cutting on this property for well over a month. Initial cutting was down and most was left laying there until he began cutting again the day of the tree coming down across the road. I saw him cutting the very day the tree came down. He was cutting up what had been left on the ground for several weeks. He left the tree as it was and it came down. Been traveling through the cove pretty near every day and been seeing the tree cutting. Don't understand why he just didn't own the problem from the beginning.

Posted by: wellington dunbar | Aug 30, 2012 19:52

The owner of the land cuts some trees. He cuts trees on a rather windy day. One tree falls but gets hung up. Owner/cutter leaves tree and goes home. Tree falls with no one tending the site. Owner denies anything to do with it. Glad I was not under the tree or anyone else for that matter. Don't understand why the individual wouldn't take responsibility for the problem when it happened. Just up and left. Irresponsible.

Posted by: wellington dunbar | Aug 29, 2012 21:48

That's it? You jump on a story about a tree across a road and no followup...?Petey Simpson and his ever readiness to prove himself worthwhile on the job...where is the followup to this story seeing as how you brought it to us given our never ending delight to see something new appear in our feed trough...

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