Farmers Can Climb! tree fodder presentation

Community Happenings
Belfast Free Library
106 High St, Belfast, ME 04915
Shana Hanson
Jul 06, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

“Farmers can Climb!”

Videos from 3 Countries, and Discussion of Millennial Farming in Climate Change,
Abbott Rm., Belfast Free Library. Presented by Belfast goat farmer Shana Hanson.

Introductory presentation.  Farming used to involve a lot of tree climbing.  Tree leaves were a staple food for livestock in Europe for about 8,000 years,
archeologists tell us.  These traditions are still present, though
less common now, in Europe.  In many tropical countries, people
continue to climb for most of their animals’ fodder.
From Sunday, July 9th through Saturday, July 15th at 3 Streams Farm in
Belfast, the public is invited to attend any or all of the
presentations that make up the 2017 Tree Fodder Seminar: “Farmers can
Climb; Arboreal Pruning Skills for Livestock Feed Security.”
Registration fees cover expenses only, and are flexible, with organic
food barters accepted, and discounts for those who stay to practice
harvesting from the 3 Streams Farm “air meadow.”  See or call farmer Shana Hanson,
338-3301 FMI.
Trees are most efficient at fixing carbon, neutralizing temperatures,
conserving and purifying water, and supporting and protecting life in
soil.  In this era of bad air quality, droughts, and storms, we are
lucky to be in Maine with lots of trees.