Finnish Church Fearlessly Facing Future!

By Art Jura | Sep 26, 2012
Photo by: Art Jura This sketch is from a book published in Finland in 1945. It depicts a smiling Satan, peeking through a church window, and admiring a sleeping congregation.

SOUTH THOMASTON — This will be my LAST and FINAL blog about the proposed renovations at the Finnish Congregational Church! Obviously, I have broken the unwritten church rules about "making public" the intentions of the tiny building committee.

I committed this treasonous and dispicable act by publishing two blogs recently. These were "Did you know?" and "Now you know!", on August 21 and August 30. I will not repeat all of my personal concerns here, but I did end by stating: "Tearing down this lovely old sanctuary could involve dangerous lead paint hazards!"

Guess what? All the tests were positive for toxic LEAD PAINT! However, all that is no problem, as a majority of 14 church members had already voted to do it!

The real problem here is me. I had published all this, and all kinds of folks were asking all kinds of questions. I am also now responsible for our pastor's resignation at the end of this year.

So, the time has clearly arrived for me to disconnect from this church. I am far too old to fight anymore, and I can't run either! However, I will not apologise for stating my own personal convictions. I am also proud of the 14 years that my beloved wife Joyce and I served actively in this church. The first 6 years were very difficult, but the remaining 8 years were rewarding, and a blessing for both of us.

To be frank about all this, I had never heard of this little "mission station" in South Thomaston before 1994. We had both been active in other local churches since 1952, when we returned home from the military.

At any rate, this church has come a very long way since then. I wish you all well!

Art Jura

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