Finnish Heritage House ("pulla")

By Art Jura | Jun 22, 2012
Do you recognize any of the "Pulla Ladies", or the fellow watching them, or the lady peeking from the window upstairs?

SOUTH THOMASTON — This edition of my "blog" is meant to advertize the existance of this little building, and publicize our dedicated volunteers who work here...and why? To help "lighten-up" such a noble task, I have created a photo of this house, including a few of the mysterious people who seem to be living in there!?

No, I don't mean the "hippie-guy" at the top of the picture! I borrowed him from the Internet to do the "commercial", although the lady peeking out of the upstairs window seems to like him?

Here's the deal! If anyone can identify someone within these mystery volunteers, they will get a free cup of coffee (with pulla) on any given Saturday morning!

Our "Finnish Heritage House" is located at 172 River Road, which is headed South on Route 131, about a mile beyond Montpelier, and just over the RR crossing. It is next door to the "Finnish Congregational Church", and was originally the parsonage. The FHH is open Saturdays, 9:00 am to Noon (Mar-to- Dec.), & Wednesdays (9am-1pm).

So, you ask, what is "pulla"? This is just another word for Finnish coffee-bread! Our volunteers use their own family recipe's, and bake and sell tons of this rare delicacy! They also provide all types of cookies, donuts, and zwieback for sale.

So, this old parsonage is really a small store, stocking Finnish food, gifts, and books about Maine families that  immigrated from Finland. All this dedication produced the funding that created our "Miracle on River Road" over the past 20 years. Such cooperation between three local Finnish-American organizations is very rare!

Having personally known our "volunteers" for decades, I realize that not ONE would ever admit to needing help, or growing old! So, I'm doing it for all of them. Please drop by some Saturday or Wednesday? It couldn't hurt, and the coffee pot is always on.


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Posted by: Diane L. Laing | Jun 22, 2012 14:56


Your four dedicated ladies are Edna Montgomery, Jackie Harjula, Kirsti Fish, and Barbara Hooper, the best "pulla" bakers in town.

Diane Laing


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